Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Mom, you HAVE to update your blog!!

I have been hearing this for several weeks. Ok, maybe months. I really don't know what has happened to the last 3 months. Blogging just kind of took a back burner. I'm still not sure how often I'll get to it, but I am here today and will try to give a very brief synopsis of where we've been and where we're at and where we're heading!!

The big news it that grandparenthood is now just a few weeks away!! I'm not sure how clear this picture will be, but it is a ultrasound photo of our grandson at 34 weeks. How amazing is that? His chubby little cheeks remind me of R's cheeks when he was a baby. I cannot wait to hold this little one and cover those cheeks with kisses!!!

I did finish the pinwheel blanket I was knitting for him and LOVED how it turned out. The all cotton yarn is so soft and wonderful. I think I need to cast on another. I have a beautiful pink in this yarn that is just begging to be a pinwheel.

We have had a few adventures since I last blogged. The first being our annual trip to Bayfield Wisconsin. We do love that area. This year we rented some mopeds on Madeline Island which was a blast.

But I think the highlight this year was going on a Sea Kayak adventure out on Lake Superior. Steve and I went in a double kayak and did quite well.

The rock formations are amazing and you are able to kayak right up to them and into several of the caves!

We ended up in some pretty close quarters in some of the caves!!! Certainly not for the claustrophobic!!

In August we headed to Minnesota for the wedding of the daughter of one of the Triple R gang! The three of us girls have been friends forever and all married guys whose last name began with R. And the Triple R gang was born. So blessed to have such dear friends!!! Cheryl and I had the honor of reading scripture at the wedding. And we didn't even mess up!!

R& M (expecting grandbaby) and K also came up for the wedding. A & C are now in Colorado, so were unable to make it. It was a beautiful wedding and so wonderful to be able to be there and share in their day.

Labor Day weekend we FINALLY were able to get out to Colorado to visit A & C! Oh how much we have missed them!!!! I have to say I am quite jealous of where they are living. I have always wanted to live in Colorado. At least now we have a really good reason to get there as often as we can!!!!

We took a drive on the highest paved road in North America and saw some beautiful views!!!!
You may notice a new face in the picture! This is YS - our foreign exchange student from Beijing who is living with us for the school year. She is a junior in high school and just a delight. She had only been in the country for 36 hours when we hopped in the car and headed to Denver.

The whole gang!! I do LOVE the mountains!!!

We stopped in Winter Park at one of our favorite pizza places. There was a bit of a wait, but no one seemed to mind. Just so nice to be together.

And the pizza makes it totally worth the wait. YS thought it was very strange that we put honey on the crust. Of course she thinks that many of the things that we eat are strange. There is a BIG difference in food between our two countries. But we will learn. It was hard to leave A&C, but hoping to see them for the upcoming holidays!!

In September the Triple R gang founders spent the weekend at a cabin in northern Minnesota. Another area of great beauty. I have to say, I think I could do this every weekend. It was so great to spend time with such good friends.

Sophie made the 7 hour+ ride with us and has decided she wants to be a cabin dog! She did great in the car; loved boat rides and had a keen sense of how to get back to the right cabin when out on walks. (More than some of us can claim!) She HATED being left behind when Steve and I took a ride on the SeaDoo.

She quickly forgave us of course. There really wasn't room for her on there with us. Plus, at 70 miles per hour I don't think she could have hung on without opposable thumbs!!

Well, that's about it. The last 3 months in a nutshell. I won't make any promises of how often I'll blog, but I will try to not wait so long. Maybe I'll post a few new recipes. Until then, I will at least direct you to an incredible recipe blog that a friend of mine from high school has created. It is a gluten free recipe blog, but any recipe can be made with ingredients that aren't gluten free if you want. Every recipe looks amazing.

Until Next Time.....