Saturday, November 13, 2010


After 39 weeks of great anticipation, our grandson has arrived!!!! Because GB was breech, a C-Section was scheduled for Monday morning, November 8th. All went well and we are so thankful for his safe delivery.

We were waiting at the hospital with the other set of excited grandparents. Tears flowed when the nurse came out to let us know that all was well and that our grandson was absolutely 'beautiful'!!!

I was so excited just knowing that he was finally in the arms of his mommy and daddy!!!

Of course, us grandparents were excited to hold our first grandchild as well!! How we have prayed for this little one!! And now to have him here is such a joy!!!

M's parents have also anticipated this moment and beamed when they held him for the first time.

After I sent a text to K letting her know that the baby had been born, she immediately skipped her next class and hopped in the car to come and meet him.

M's sister B was there waiting as well to meet him for the first time. He is a lucky baby to have 3 very loving Aunts!!! (A & C will be here this Monday to meet him!!)

Steve wanted to give him a complete physical. Reminded me of when our son was born when Steve was in medical school. Poor baby got a complete physical multiple times a day from a dad in training!!

It was neat when Steve's dad came for a visit to get a picture of 4 generations!!!

Proud daddy and grandpas admiring him.

Sweet dreams little one. You are loved.

Until Next Time.....