Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quick Wedding Recap....

What a wonderful weekend we had! I am still flying high on all the wonderful memories! I don't have a lot of pictures to share with you, but thought I would share the few I have, and do a more detailed post later when the professional pictures come back!!!

I'll start with the baking! We spent Thursday dipping the 250 cakeballs that K made and then Thursday night we invited some friends and family over for 'box night' where we put together 250 favor boxes; placed a cakeball inside and then tied it all with a purple ribbon. There was one of each of these at each place setting.

The cupcakes that we made on Monday were frozen and taken out of the freezer Saturday morning. After approximately 2 hours of thawing on cooling racks, we placed them on the cupcake stand. My mom and dad showed up and were put to work!!

The oreos were added just before we placed them on the stand.. but we have found that the buttercream freezes well, and sure saved time not having to frost all of these on Saturday!! The DJ who was working at the reception said it was the best buttercream he has had.... and I imagine he eats a lot of buttercream. I think he was pretty happy with the dozen cupcakes he ended up taking home after the reception! (We had a GREAT DJ who made for a GREAT time of celebrating!!!) I admit to having blisters on my feet from all of the dancing!!

Steve and K were thinking they looked pretty cool!!!

CB (Now CR) was a radiant bride!!!! She just looked absolutely stunning!!! Here she is surrounded by all of her sisters now!

A was quite a dashing groom - if I can say that as mother of the groom!!! Seemed quite content catching kisses from the bridesmaids!

Steve and I - Parent's of the Groom.

The reception was a blast!! So fun to be surrounded by friends and family. My friends who I have known since I was young (like 4 years old) were there with their families.

One of my favorite dances was the 'sibling' dance where anyone with siblings were invited out on the dance floor. I was out there with my 4 brothers, who all made the trip down from Minnesota. Later on, we were all back on the dance floor with my parents looking very cool. This is the family I grew up in. Yes, I was the only girl. You can feel sorry for me..... :-)

Well, that is a brief recap. I'll do a more detailed post when I have more pictures..... Let's just say it tied R & M's wedding day as on of the happiest days of our life!!!

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final Countdown....

One thing I have found true in life is that time just keeps marching forward... even during times when one needs it to slow down just a little!!! We are in the final days before the wedding and are busy with all of the preparations. So far things have been going well. We are all still smiling and enjoying the process. Excited that the forecast is for sunny skies and 82 degrees. Now to just keep pressing on and making every moment count.

But the wedding isn't the only thing that has been going on! Both A and CB graduated from college! Here we are at A's celebration!

CB's family joined us as well! This is A's soon to be second family. How blessed he is with such wonderful in-laws!!

CB's graduation was the next day! Congratulations to both of you!!!!

During it all I kept knitting away on my Multnomah shawl. I had a bit of a set back and had to rip out several rows, but got all the stitches safely back on the needles and pressed on. And actually finished a week ahead of the wedding. The only bummer is that when I tried it on with my dress, it didn't go at all with the style of the dress!!! Oh well. I will figure out how to wear it to the rehearsal!!!

In the midst of graduation and wedding, we are also trying to stay on top of our plans for our trip to Africa which is coming up quickly. We've been applying for visa's; meeting with the team and getting our shots. 4 of them in one day for me!!! Fortunately they had fun bandaids which always helps!!!

K is home now and we are getting ALL the baking done for the wedding. Cakeballs are done and in the freezer. Cookie dough is made and ready to bake. Cupcakes are now all done and ready for the reception. Phew.

My job was making the buttercream (7 batches!!) and frosting the over 290 cupcakes that K made. Probably the most one decorator bag has been used in this house!!!

We did crown the bride 'sprinkle girl' and she was quite good at adding the finishing touches to the cupcakes!!! (With A's encouragement and support!!)

But the mastermind and chief chef of the day was K!!

So today she is taking a little break and soaking in the sun with Sophie enjoying it with her. Tomorrow is another big day in the kitchen dipping all the cakeballs and baking and dipping cookies. Yum.

Until Next Time...