Saturday, March 28, 2009

Puppy For Sale!!!

Puppy for sale
Only fifty cents
Puppy for sale
She's not a big expense
You can hug her
You can bug her
You could buy or rent
Puppy for sale,
Only fifty cents

Hey, would anybody like to buy
A slightly used puppy?
Even if you have one now
Trade him for another

She will help you with the chores
And she's fairly clean
The only problem is, sometimes
She can be so naughty!

Puppy for sale
Twenty Five Cents...etc

If Steve knew I was selling her
I would really get it
Buy her now, don't pay 'til June
On approved credit
Buy her now, and I'll tell you
What I will do, mister
We'll even throw into the deal
Her older brother Sumo

Puppy for sale
Only ten cents...etc

She will always pick you up
When you take a fall
And she's good at showing you
How to catch a ball
She's always happy to see you
And does this crazy dance

Hey, wait!
She sounds like a pretty nice dog...
I'll give her one more chance

Our puppy's not for sale
Not for any price
Our puppy's not for sale
I guess she will suffice
I like to hug her
I like to bug her
She's really rather nice
Our puppy's not for sale
Not for any price

I don't know if any of you recognized that song.. but its a remake of Mary Kate and Ashley's 'Brother for Sale' song that K used to sing quite often when her brothers would annoy her. So, you may be wondering what Miss Sophie did to warrant my singing this song??? Well, I will enlighten you!

In less than a month I will be heading to St. Louis for the 2nd annual 'Spring Fling' that Sheri puts on for The Loopy Ewe. As part of the fun in getting to know fellow flingers, some of us participated in a 'swap' where we exchange names and put together a fun package for our fellow flinger. Well, today my package from Kym arrived while I was out running errands. I know that it was beautifully put together because she had posted this picture on Ravelry.

When I drove down the driveway and saw some pink tissue paper in the yard, my heart sank. The postman had left the package on the front step and Sophie had decided to 'open' it. I was able to collect what I believe to be most of the package and I adore everything in it. there is a wonderful felted bag pattern with the yarn to make it with and a gorgeous homemade button for the front; some heavenly coffee; M&M's with little sheep; a cute Pez dispenser; a mini photo album with sheep on it; a 'Knitter Girl' window decal and some highlighter tape. There also appeared to have been a box of chocolate covered marshmallow/caramels that Sophie consumed. (Only my very favorite candy in the world!!!)

Hence my desire to sell her. Do you blame me? Thank you Kym, I do love everything and think I may even be able to forgive Sophie someday....

Many of you have asked what I have been knitting. My big push right now is to get this felted circle tote bag done before the Spring Fling. It will take some doing, but I think I can.

Sumo wanted to give his two cents worth to the whole Sophie situation. He thinks we should just sell her! Sorry old boy.....

Until Next Time.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Good Things...

...must come to an end. So it is with our time in Colorado. What a great trip it was!!

The last day found a few of us still skiing. R and A went out in the morning and then Steve and A went out again after lunch. They decided to head to a new part of the mountain, which was entirely black diamond runs. They had a blast!

Reminded A of crepes we used to get in Harajuku Japan years and years ago! Yum!

R and M met some good friends for dinner in Breckenridge that night and missed out on A's yummy chicken casserole! I have to say we ate very well on our vacation!! (and very seldom went out).

We are now back home after 870 miles in the car yesterday. Sumo and Sophie were very happy to see us, but had a great time with K & K while we were gone.

Until Next Time.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snowmobiling and Such...

One of the things that Steve really wanted to do while we were out here in Colorado is to do a snowmobile adventure up into the mountains. So we donned these very attractive snowmobile suits and went for a ride!

The machines were lined up and ready for us to go! After a 15 minute warm up to get us used to the snowmobiles we were off!

R & M pose for a photo on R's snowmobile. We actually each drove our own snowmobile. Some of us went faster than others..... The important thing is we all made it back to base camp safe and sound!

Steve and I pose together at one of our stops. We really went pretty high up and had some steep hills to go down, which I thought was the scariest part. Brought back many memories from growing up in Minnesota and snowmobiling at our cabin.

I think everyone had a pretty good time.

We gather back at the Ski Home that we are staying at ready for another night of dinner and games. Pegs and Jokers; Cranium; Phase 10 and Settlers of Catan are our games of choice. I won't list the winners here, but suffice it to say the the team of girls have more victories overall than the boys. Afterall, Girls Rule!!

Until Next Time.....

P.S. A special thank you to my wonderful daughter in law who voluntarily ordered Onion Pizza with me for lunch today (which is my favorite pizza) and even seemed to enjoy it!! Yum!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Slopes

We've been hitting the slopes and having a great time! The weather is perfect (sunny and not too cold) and the snow is ok. (Wouldn't mind a little fresh powder.....) But it's all good.

The first day we went was the first day skiing for M and SC. (M had maybe skiied once before in Iowa). The first run down there were quite a few spills, but both just kept getting back up again.

Each run down saw great improvement! Here is M just a few runs later...

What a bunch!!

And, just for fun, without any explanation, a short slide show.

The end of the 2nd day of skiing was rewarded by a wonderful meal of lasagna, bread, salad and rich fudge brownies made by R and M!

And on a final note, today we celebrate A's 22nd birthday here in Colorado!! To celebrate, we are going on a 2 hour snowmobile excursion! Happy Birthday Son!!

Until Next Time....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Well, after only a 15 hour ride in the car with 7 of us and all of our gear we arrived in Breckenridge! We made several stops along the way, with the last one in Denver getting dinner and groceries. (Notice where we stopped for dinner....

We arrived in Breckenridge around 8:30 pm Mountain Time. We made our way (with help from our Garmin) to the house we have rented for the week. It is a wonderful place with great views of the mountains.

We enjoyed lunch at Eric's, which seems to be a tradition when we come to Breckenridge. Seemed wrong not to be with Sheri and her family, as we always have in the past. We miss them by a week. Next time, for sure!!

K and I take a break outside of one of the shops.
We didn't take many breaks... most of them just to take a picture or two.

We played some games and R continued the quest of mastering the Rubik's cube. He has come up with a 'solution' involving complicated algorithms (which I can't wrap my mind around). We may have to pick up a few more for the long ride home. (A and K are also working on mastering it....)

Today we hit the slopes. I am going to attempt to teach M and SC how to ski. I'll let you know how it goes.....

Back at home, Sumo and Sophie are in the wonderful care of K & K, (who are house sitting as well) and I am sure are having a wonderful time.

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Trip

This past weekend I made a quick trip to Minnesota. I had a great time while I was gone, but it was just too short!!

One of the purposes of my trip was to deliver these beautiful chairs to my brother and his wife.
They had ordered them from the Amish while they were visiting Labor Day weekend. They are still waiting on the table they ordered as well. We have ordered much of our furniture from the Amish. It is some of the most beautiful furniture I have seen.

I also went up to attend a mini scrap booking retreat with some dear friends. We try to get together Fall and Spring to scrap book, but missed this past Fall, so it had been over a year. Here are two of my oldest friends, Renae and Cheryl. (By oldest I mean we go back the furthest.... they are by NO MEANS old. I would say they look like they are in their early 30's, wouldn't you???)

Some actually scrapbooked and even got something done! Go Dawn!!

As for me, I did not even bring my scrap booking stuff with me. I knew I was going just to visit and catch up with my dear friends. I took my knitting (still plugging away on my Noro Scarf) and worked with some digital pictures on the computer. I do love the portability of knitting vs. scrap booking, that is for sure!!!

Steve had a rainy weekend in Iowa with the dogs, but had some good bonding time. He was a little late for church Sunday because his dear wife wasn't here to set the clocks ahead for him. Sure nice to know that I'm needed!!

Until Next Time...