Saturday, March 28, 2009

Puppy For Sale!!!

Puppy for sale
Only fifty cents
Puppy for sale
She's not a big expense
You can hug her
You can bug her
You could buy or rent
Puppy for sale,
Only fifty cents

Hey, would anybody like to buy
A slightly used puppy?
Even if you have one now
Trade him for another

She will help you with the chores
And she's fairly clean
The only problem is, sometimes
She can be so naughty!

Puppy for sale
Twenty Five Cents...etc

If Steve knew I was selling her
I would really get it
Buy her now, don't pay 'til June
On approved credit
Buy her now, and I'll tell you
What I will do, mister
We'll even throw into the deal
Her older brother Sumo

Puppy for sale
Only ten cents...etc

She will always pick you up
When you take a fall
And she's good at showing you
How to catch a ball
She's always happy to see you
And does this crazy dance

Hey, wait!
She sounds like a pretty nice dog...
I'll give her one more chance

Our puppy's not for sale
Not for any price
Our puppy's not for sale
I guess she will suffice
I like to hug her
I like to bug her
She's really rather nice
Our puppy's not for sale
Not for any price

I don't know if any of you recognized that song.. but its a remake of Mary Kate and Ashley's 'Brother for Sale' song that K used to sing quite often when her brothers would annoy her. So, you may be wondering what Miss Sophie did to warrant my singing this song??? Well, I will enlighten you!

In less than a month I will be heading to St. Louis for the 2nd annual 'Spring Fling' that Sheri puts on for The Loopy Ewe. As part of the fun in getting to know fellow flingers, some of us participated in a 'swap' where we exchange names and put together a fun package for our fellow flinger. Well, today my package from Kym arrived while I was out running errands. I know that it was beautifully put together because she had posted this picture on Ravelry.

When I drove down the driveway and saw some pink tissue paper in the yard, my heart sank. The postman had left the package on the front step and Sophie had decided to 'open' it. I was able to collect what I believe to be most of the package and I adore everything in it. there is a wonderful felted bag pattern with the yarn to make it with and a gorgeous homemade button for the front; some heavenly coffee; M&M's with little sheep; a cute Pez dispenser; a mini photo album with sheep on it; a 'Knitter Girl' window decal and some highlighter tape. There also appeared to have been a box of chocolate covered marshmallow/caramels that Sophie consumed. (Only my very favorite candy in the world!!!)

Hence my desire to sell her. Do you blame me? Thank you Kym, I do love everything and think I may even be able to forgive Sophie someday....

Many of you have asked what I have been knitting. My big push right now is to get this felted circle tote bag done before the Spring Fling. It will take some doing, but I think I can.

Sumo wanted to give his two cents worth to the whole Sophie situation. He thinks we should just sell her! Sorry old boy.....

Until Next Time.....


Lovs2Knit said...

eeek! I can see why you want to sell her completely sympathize. One of my dogs decided to eat a bag of kisses that was attached to a little stuffed bear that hubby got me for Valentines Day.

rohanknitter said...

Oh Sophie, you'd better learn never to mess with a knitter's swap package!!

HappyTrails said...

Ha! We've experienced the same with our puppies over the years - Sumo was probably mortified watching her do that - OR - he was completely ecstatic (puppy for sale!)! :-)

SwissKnits! said...

Oooo what a bad little girl...
time out!! You can join Cooper, who destroyed the fetching mitt I made for tiny 6 year old Marisa...


Allison said...

You're scaring me! We're about to get a puppy. I can't wait to see your bag finished.

Marianne said...

Oh, Miss Sophie, now you've really done it! I'm wondering is Sumo's reaction was something like, "Oh, my, what has that crazy puppy girl done now?". I do hope that the chocolate did not make her sick, though! Miss Puppy, you need to be a good girl & stay out of packages, for heaven's sake!

Kristi said...

Sophie with her sign looks to precious/innocent to have opened your swap package. I'm glad to hear all was not lost. Can't wait to see your finished bag.

Kym said...

Oh, Janice! Don't worry, it's all my fault for not sending a DECOY package of dogs treats along with your package!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Oh, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie....

Jean said...

Puppies do grow out of this stage (at least most of the time although my 3 Standards do wreak havoc every once in awhile). The do give us so much love and affection, I know you will find it in your heart to forgive the pup. My dogs do leave my knitting alone and are past the chewing needles stage, so I am quite blessed.

Jknits said...

My dog has eaten three (yes, I'm a slow learner) packages of candy intended for secret pals over the years including chocolate covered coffee beans (you can imagine how much fun he was after that). Glad to hear you're hanging on to your puppy - she looks at least a little sorry.

Terri said...

Do you think Sophie knew it was a bad thing while she was "helping you" with the package, or just thinks that trouble is the cost of doing business???