Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August. Seriously???

So much for good intentions. I really had hoped to make more frequent updates, but here it has been over a month since my last post... What happened to the month of July anyways?? How can it possibly be August?

July does happen to be the month of my birthday, and this year it was a big one. I hate to admit it, but I often use the fact that it is my birthday month to try and manipulate my family into letting me win a game here and there. It never works. But always worth a try!!

We just returned from a wonderful family trip out to Breckenridge, Colorado where I celebrated my birthday the very best way possible.. surrounded by my wonderful family!

I have always loved the mountains and love to get there as often as I can. Now with A & C living there and several other good friends, I foresee several trips a year in order! I have hundreds of pictures I could share.. so will just give you a snapshot of our trip...

R entertains A while we are shopping by making the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory bear come to life.

Steve usually really dislikes shopping, but made an exception today when he got to sit out in the beautiful scenery and watch little A. During naptime, he strolled up and down the sidewalk while A slept. Yep. No complaints from grandpa today!

Diaper changing options can be tricky downtown Breckenridge in the hot mountain sun.. UNLESS you have enough people. 4 seems to do the trick!

Short drives and hikes up in the mountains were wonderful. Makes for some great photo ops with fun poses as well!

And lots of time for grandma and grandpa to enjoy little A!

Loved having some time with A & C! Sure miss having them live closer... but love that they are enjoying Colorado.

It's just a blessing to be able to spend extended time together and I hope it's something we are able to do every year.

It's especially fun to get to know little A and his daily routine and his sweet little personality. K loved making fun noises with fingers and lips.

One of the highlights of the trips was an early morning surprise the day of my birthday. I was quite surprised when the alarm on Steve's phone went off at 4:45. He wished me Happy Birthday and said we had to go meet someone. My first fear was that it was a Hot Air Balloon ride.... I really am quite afraid of heights and really don't like to fly...

Let's just say I conquered one of my fears that day because it was indeed a Hot Air Balloon ride!!!

It was a perfect day.. Not a cloud in the sky and no wind. My heart raced a bit as we took off, but the peacefulness of the ride quickly calmed my fears. The landing was soft with barely a bump. Here is our basket of 12 as we prepare to touchdown...

Out of the basket and happy to have both feet on solid ground again. I just hope he doesn't surprise me with skydiving someday.....

The ride included a delicious breakfast afterwards including champagne. Would I do it again? Yes... on a cloudless, windless day. But there are other things on my 'bucket list' that must come first!

More surprises lay in store for me that day. The girls dressed me up royally in red and purple; complete with crown and wand and took me into Breckenridge for a coffee date.

Let's just say that I acted the part. And the girls all still acknowledged that they were with me!!

The last surprise of the day was a fun game that M had come up with which had clues to objects/things/people who were born/created the same year I was born. The clues would come up on the screen and we had to blow a whistle and guess what it was. Who knew that these things and more are as old as I am?

We cooked many of our meals in, but going out to eat is part of the fun of vacation. Twice we were able to meet up with dear friends. Paul and Sheri recently moved to Colorado and it was fun to not only meet up with them in Breckenridge, but visit their new home at the end of the week. A bit jealous that they now live in Colorado.. I'm also excited for them to be living their dream. (Their son also visited us as well!)

Jim and Beth are dear friends who lived near us for many years here in Iowa until The Navigators took them to Colorado. It was so hard to have them leave, but love the times that we are able to get together.. here and in Colorado. (With us here with their oldest son as well...) Already counting the days until we can head to Colorado again!

One of the special meals that we made in July for my and K's birthdays were these unbelievable steaks from my friend Mary's gluten free blog. I don't know if I have linked to it before, but she has amazing recipes. This is here recipe for Steak Au Poivre. My mouth waters just thinking about it!!

And it involves fire. How fun is that?

I would have loved to have taken Sophie with us to the mountains. She would love it there. But it's a 13 hour car ride, which is a bit much. She stayed here with a friend of ours and was well care for. I'm sure she'll be happy to have more visits from little A in the near future!! They are bonding quite nicely!

I will end with this final shot taken from our balcony the last morning in Colorado. Steve and A are pointing at a nearby mountain and making plans to climb it together someday. I hope they can.

So so thankful for the blessings of family and friends!!

Until Next Time....