Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Still Here.....

Well, rumor on the street is that some people are getting a little tired of looking at the big bowl of gummy bears from my last post and are ready for me to update. Honestly, it feels like just yesterday when I did that one.... (although the gummy bears are long gone......)

Things are getting pretty exciting around our house as we have less than 2 months until A and CB's wedding!!!! Lots to do and think about. We are all trying hard to not stress out! We want to keep the planning fun. So far, so good I think!!!

Speaking of weddings, we had the privilege of flying to San Diego this past weekend to share in the wedding of our dear friend's son. It was an outdoor wedding in the most beautiful setting. And the day was perfect in every respect. Steve had the honor of being a groomsman!

It was fun to be able to be there celebrating with our friends. Here are the parents and sister of the groom. I have to say, marriage is such an exciting way to add another beautiful daughter to the family and I know they are thrilled with their new daughter-in-love!

The groom is in the navy, and one of the traditions at a naval wedding is the arch of swords. After the couple is wed, they must pass through the swords. At each sword barrier, they are told 'KISS TO PASS' and they must kiss before the swords are lifted and they can pass through. At the last sword stop, the bride is gently swatted on the bottom with the sword as she passes as the officer says 'WELCOME TO THE NAVY'..... very cute.

Steve also got to pass under the arch of swords with not one, but TWO bridesmaids hanging one on each arm. I think it was his favorite part of the service!!!! (Although I think he was really hoping he would get to carry a sword....)

Congratulations to M & J!! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day.

We had a little time for sightseeing while we were there. Went to La Jolla and enjoyed walking along the beach. Even got to see a Harbor Seal 'nursery'.... Lots of baby seals.

Spent some time on Coronado Island as well. Great view of San Diego from there.

Found a favorite new coffee shop. Made a couple of visits.... (And may or may not have brought some home with me!!)

I actually also added a 'Peets Coffee and Tea' mug to my collection. And, of course, a Starbucks City mug. (although I never actually drank coffee at Starbucks on this trip....). I LOVE collecting mugs when we travel. They are fun to display and make a great, inexpensive souvenir.

One of our adventures came in the form of new technology... The car we rented was electric and we were pretty clueless on even how to START the thing!!! (Especially when we first picked it up at midnight!) The guys especially seemed to enjoy gathering around and reading the manual and seeing what all it could do. Weird. I was glad to get home to our car that you actually used a key to start...

Sophie was glad to see us when we got home, but had a great time with the kids over the weekend. She has a new bed that she absolutely LOVES. She especially loves to be able to lay on it and have the window cracked so she can breathe in the fresh air and keep track of what is going on outside. I admit that she is hopelessly spoiled....

And now that the snow is gone and Spring is in the air, she and Steve have started running again. And they both lived happily ever after.....

Until Next Time.....