Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're Back....

from our weekend in Minnesota. It was a great time connecting with dear friends. We talked ALOT; ate ALOT; and did some scrapbooking and knitting in between. I was not as productive as I have been on other weekends, but I was a bit distracted by what was going on at home. I'll come back to that in a minute....

Kirstin was much more productive than I. She was able to finish the jean quilt that we had started for her dorm room next year. It turned out very cute. It is one of those that you sew and then clip all of the seams so that they fray. Rag quilting or something like that. There wasn't a washing machine where we were staying, so she had to wait until we got home to really see the final outcome.

Kirstin also finished her Paton's varigated scarf, as well as another scarf in light blue. Like I said, she was very productive!!

I plugged away at my Noro scarf in between scrapbooking and visiting with friends. I made some progress.. but not like Kirstin!! I love the way Noro self stripes and the beautiful colors... but I am not crazy about the thick/thin aspects... especially when making a scarf. I think I would like to try this pattern again.. maybe in some yummy alpaca!

I also worked a little on a vintage bubble bag. I am using Paton's gray and then the Noro that Anita sent in my ITEIII tote box. I think the combination of colors will felt together well.

While I was gone things got a little crazy on the home front. While talking on the phone with Aaron on Friday over at college, I realized that his lower back pain that he has been having had gone from bad to worse. (It had seemed to be getting a bit better over Spring break). He wasn't even able to walk to class. Steve canceled his plans for the weekend (chaperoning a youth retreat) and went over and picked him up. A MRI Saturday morning showed some disc issues that will most likely need to treated surgically in the next month or so. He has another appointment in two weeks and we will know more after that. We also got a call Friday evening that Steve's dad was in the ER with heart problems. After the weekend in the hospital, he is home and doing well. It was a hard weekend to be away knowing all that was going on here at home. I was ready to hop in the car at a moment's notice to head home. My concentration level was a bit lacking to say the least!

There is always Sumo to brighten any day. He loved all the scarves and was willing to model one for you. (I think he would have preferred the light blue one.. or even brown maybe... but I chose this one!!)

Until Next Time....


Bonnie D. said...

Sorry to hear about Aaron. Back pain is no fun! Hopefully, he can be treated as simply and quickly as possible.

Kirsten's quilt is very cute. I've been wanting to make one of those quilts but never thought about using denim. Did she use old jeans? Is it heavy?

Rohanknitter said...

Your daughter's quilt is great!
Sounds like a wonderful weekend but I'm so sorry to hear about your son's back pain. My sister had a herniated disk treated a couple months ago with a very minor surgery (actually, it's probably not considered a surgery, they inserted a catheter and put some fluids in there) and now she is pain-free, thank goodness. She was really bad and she has 2 little kids to take care aren't we all too young for stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! Those are some worries, hope all will be quickly solved.
The quilt is really great, good work Kirsten.

hakucho said...

So sorry to hear all your family's troubles. Hope and pray all works out and I'll be sure and keep them both in my prayers.

Love the jean quilt! Very nice :)

Shelley said...

I think red is Sumo's colour!

Sorry to hear about Aaron's back troubles...that is definately no fun. Hopefully he'll get it fixed very soon!

Kirstin's quilt is awesome, as are her scarves!!

I'm with you on the thick/thin thing with the Noro, especially for a scarf. After I soaked mine and blocked it, I don't think I really notice it...but then I'm not really looking for it either (it could still be there).

I made your pretzel kiss cookies (or whatever it is they're called, lol...I can't recall offhand) yesterday to take to the kids midweek program at church...well, actually they were just for the class I help with (grades 3-5 girls) and they were a hit! They loved them! Afterwards, I had some left (there was enough for everyone to have 2, but not 3, so I kept the rest) and gave a couple to the pastor's son who is in grade 4. His mom is the other leader in the class and he had come to look for her but she wasn't there. Anyway, when I offered them to him, he said that I was really creative...had to tell him the truth, that I got the recipe from a friend. He then asked me if I told his mom how to make them. She's thinking of making them now for her junior church classes some Sunday. I know I'll be making them again, sometime too...maybe this weekend and take them into my Sunday school class (and any left overs for me and my 2 friends to have after church when we go to one of the friend's place). THanks again for posting that recipe!

TeAntae said...

Oh my goodness! The minute I saw the quilt on your daughter Kristin, I knew exactly what it was made off. For our 1st Christmas together as a married couple, my mom made a similar quilt using leftover fabric from the wedding clothes she made everyone, jeans, and some neat red fabric she had on hand. It's so comfy and warm.

Wish Aaron a speedy recovery. My brother went through something similar. The doctor said his can be helped with exercise and a little weight loss (he's a fast food junky). Back pain is horrible no matter how it happens. Stay sane over there.

The knitting projects are as gorgeous as always. Sumo is a lucky dog to get to model some of the goods. LOL!

I started my very first scrapbook project last night. I took a class on a technique called an "exploding box". I'll explain better when I post pictures of the finished project, probably next week.

I'm catching up on posts so I'll be going backwards in my responses. I know it's silly to say, coming from someone you've never met in person but... I missed you. *hugs*

monica said...

Sorry to hear about your son's back trouble, he is young to be having that kind of problem. I hope they can fix it and it doesn't stay with him through adulthood. I am sure you are all relieved that your FIL is doing well. That jean quilt is awesome, my daughter would love that. And Sumo looks lovely in red.
Happy knitting

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your son and father in law. I hope they are better soon. I know from experience that back pain is no fun (not that I have had any that serious).

As always everything that you knit looks great. Any socks on the needles?????

Jknits said...

My best wishes to your son. I hope everything goes as well as possible and that the doctors take great care of him.

I love the quilt! I'm sure that will be a huge hit in the dorm. Maybe she could get a side business going to make some extra spending money.

Janice said...

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and prayers for Aaron... I know that he appreciates them! (He's a faithful blog reader....) He handle it all well..even when it's not so fun!!
Kirstin also appreciated the fun comments on her quilt! She is already half way done with another one. (To give her friend that she is rooming with next year)
As for me... I'm still plugging away on the scarf and vintage purse. Sorry, Robin (and Sheri) but no socks on my needles at the moment. Soon. Very soon!

Aaron said...

Thank you to everyone who wished me well, I can use all the prayers I can get. Thanks again.

Heidi said...

Poor Aaron. I pray that he gets fixed up right!

That quilt is adorable! I love those seams.

AR said...

I hope everything turns out all right for Aaron!

Cute projects. I love the quilt!!