Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, it is 1/2 through another week! We are starting to settle into some routines and life is taking on a new 'normal'. (However normal life can be with a puppy!). Usually the first thing we do after breakfast is take our first walk around the back pasture. Sumo seems to know that these walks are now everyday because of Sophie and tolerates her shadowing his every move and wondering what to explore next.

Sophie seems to be getting bigger everyday! She was 16.5 pounds at her 8 week vet visit. My guess she is over 20 pounds already. She won't be a lap dog for long!

After the walk, Sumo does his usual disappearing act into the garage with Sophie pondering where he has gone. It won't be long before she figures the dog door out and then Sumo will have to come up with Plan B. Until then he's safe for now.

So Sophie turns to her basket of toys. Here is one that we are encouraging her to kill and destroy. Yes, it's a Packers football that someone gave us as a joke. (Since we are Vikings fans!) After the game on Monday, we thought it only fitting to let Sophie destroy the Packers ball.

In knitting news, I have been finding short times to work on the fan and feather scarf I started last month out of Wollmeise. It is an easy pattern, but with the fineness of the yarn and the generous yardage on each skein, it seems to take me forever. But it is so worth it!! My mom is making this same pattern out of Paton's wool on size 8 needles and it's coming out great! (Mom has just taken up knitting... go mom!!)

Speaking of Wollmeise, I am fortunate enough to be a member of her new sock club!! The first shipment arrived yesterday all the way from Germany and it is amazing!! TWO skeins of Claudia's amazing yarn; a sock pattern; special double point needles; a little yummy German chocolate treat packaged neatly in a cool bag that gives knitting terminology with the German translation. It will certainly help in my fluency of the German language. HA! Thank you Claudia for such an amazing package!!

It was a double sock club bonus week in that my Loopy Ewe Sock club package also arrived this week!! Lucky, lucky me! I LOVE the yarn and the pattern looks challenging...... (Always up for a challenge!) The best part is the little Loopy Ewe book that is full of sticky notes of various sizes. Too too cute! I don't think I know anyone in this world who has more skills in running an incredibly successful business!! I'm so proud to be able to call Sheri my good friend!

Now, I don't know if I will make socks out of all of this yummy new yarn. I'm kind of in a scarf kick right now, but time will tell. I also have a sweater and felted circle tote on my needles that I want to finish up. With cooler weather on the way, I am hoping to do just that!

Until Next Time....


lilibethsgarden said...

Your baby sure is growing.

Yay for your mom being a new knitting pal!

What a beautiful scarf you have on the go, that's a great stitch.

Looks like getting mail was fun this week. I have yet to get into making socks, but I'm beginning to be interested in using sock yarn for cowls etc.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Right back at 'ya, Friend!

And I'm so proud of your mom for taking up knitting! YAY!! (Seriously, how could she resist when you keep making such beautiful things?)

Kelly said...

she definately is getting bigger and her face is looking less puppy like. She'll be the size of Sumo before you know! Just wait till she tries and gets on hubby's lap them, thats when the fun begins :)

monica said...

Yay for a new knitter in the knitting community.

All the new yarn is gorgeous, you are so lucky.

Robin said...

I don't know about that "Viking" thing. I live here and I just don't get it. All the yarn looks great. I also agree that the Loopy Sock Club pattern looks challenging. I think it kind of scares me a little. It might be a scarf.

hakucho said...

Wow, Sophie IS growing so fast!!

Your scarf is lovely :)

happy knitting :)