Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, our internet provider has been having major problems and we have been without internet for several days. It has been quite eye opening to me how much I have come to rely on it for so many things! In some ways it is good to have to take a forced 'fast' so to speak from it all! But I do hope they get us up and running this week!!!

This past weekend has been Sturgis Falls days... our towns yearly celebration. It's one of my favorite events of the year. I love going downtown, listening to music, seeing friends and eating all kinds of yummy junk food!! The last few years we have also been taking the llamas and walking in the parade.

K wasn't able to come home for it, but her llama, Sebastian, was along and was the lead llama! The girl next door had done an incredible job getting all the llamas groomed and ready for the big day! A lot of work!!

The theme of the celebration was 'Dancing in the Streets', so we had the llamas doing the 'Llama Llimbo' during the parade!! Played limbo music and would have the llamas duck and walk under a pole. It was very cute. The crowd always LOVES the llamas!!!

The hardest part of the day is always the waiting as you have to get there early to get lined up etc.. This shot cracked me up of the Baridons as it looked as though they were waiting to catch a bus. Good luck getting a bus driver to let you take those llamas on the bus with you!!

Shortly after getting home from the parade, CB arrived home from her second week of counseling at our church camp. She brought along 4 students from Bethany Bible College in New Brunswick who had been at camp with her as counselors and needed a place to stay for the night before they headed to Michigan. What a neat group of kids! Loved having them. I just LOVE a house full of kids and the noise and laughter that it fills the home with!!

Well, lastly a bit of knitting news!! I have joined Sheri's Girasole KAL (Knit A Long) and am well into chart D. For those not familiar with knitting or this pattern, the Girasole is a round afghan with a beautiful lace pattern. I keep telling Steve that if I succeed in knitting this successfully, I will feel like a 'real' knitter!! So far, so good. I do think I am going to learn how to put in a life line, however, just to be on the safe side.

Well, the next post will be written by K on her recent trip to Amman. Stay tuned!!

Until Next Time...


SwissKnits! said...

Hmmmm, I *always* thought of you as a Real Knitter!

Patricia said...

I always love all of the smiles in your posts! Even Sebastian looks like he is smiling in this one.

Robin said...

Janice, for the life line I just take a piece of dental floss and a darning needle and just carefully thread it through under the needle. I usually use Glide. If you are using interchangable ones usually there is a hole where you would can tighten the needle you can thread it through there while and then just knit. Hope that helps. How exciting that she found "THE DRESS" already.

KSee said...

Oh what fun! Love, love your theme. The Baridons shot is priceless. needs a caption