Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Offcial!

It's official. I'm another year older. And I'm ok with that! Old. Young. They are just words. I know I don't 'feel' as old as I am; and those around me would certainly verify that I don't 'act' as old as I am. (I choose not to ask them what age I do act like.....). Bottom line is, I feel good.

K made me this wonderful M&M birthday cake! The fondant M&M's and M&M bag are so adorable! She made a confetti cake and frosted it with my favorite 7-minute frosting (which she did not even know was my favorite) and covered it with M&M's. Yum. I wish I could share a piece with all of you!!

We had what we are now referring to as 'A Bayfield Day'. The weather was gorgeous (sunny and 78 degrees) and we had no agenda. We relaxed; played games; read; layed in the hammock; ate etc.... It was perfect. (Although no one saw fit to actually let me WIN a game, which I think is quite rude on someone's birthday!!) Still a fun day. Steve and Sophie enjoyed some time on the lounge chairs. Steve was borrowing my birthday present. (A Kindle from Amazon.. which I LOVE!!) I think he is going to put one on his birthday list now!!

Had sweet corn for the first time this season. It was so yummy. There is just nothing like good ole Iowa sweet corn!!! A and K got it all husked and ready for dinner. Under Sophies supervision, of course!!

Sophie ended the day with a romp through the creek in our back field. She loves to bury her face in the muck at the bottom. This picture was taken with a flash, so doesn't show the extent of the mud on her face. It was pretty much covered. And she still looks cute!!

But muddy puppies are not allowed in the house, no matter how cute they are and so we had to get the hose out for a late night bath. Not one of Sophie's favorite activities!! I don't think her brain is capable of making the connection of ' if you get muddy, you get a bath'. It's just the way it is!

In the baking world, K has been cooking up a storm. She made several of these almond pastries the other day and is working on perfecting her recipe, as well as trying different fillings etc.. Let's just say that our house has been smelling VERY good lately!! Good thing we have good friends and family who LOVE to receive her 'samples'. I would hate to think what would happen if it all stayed here...... (Well, I KNOW what would happen! I would eat it all!!)

Looks like it is going to be another beautiful day. Gee, maybe another 'Bayfield Day'. That would be ok by me!

Until Next Time.....


marit said...

Happy Birthday!!!
How great to have a baking daughter! It all looks delicious. My youngest turned 12 on Friday, but she's in Houston with her dad on work, but they bought some cke and strawberries and icecream, and had celebrated her day there. She got a dip in the pool too...

Sophie is cute, even when covered with mud;-)

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Janice! The M&M cake K made is awesome. I love M&M's and would love this cake. Her own birthday cake looked great too. Is there a bakery opening up in her future? What a great birthday present...a Kindle. Which one did you get? I'm hoping to get one too. Enjoy you day.

Anonymous said...

OMG..that cake is just gorgeous/cute/marvelous! and I bet it was sooo yummy.

What a lucky Mommy and Birthday Girl.


A :-) said...

Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all good things and many happy returns of the day. :-)

So glad you had such a wonderful day - and K is certainly quite the baker. That cake looks exceptionally yummy!

Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Happy Birthday!!

rohanknitter said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a great day, and that cake is just adorable!!!

Jknits said...

Happy Birthday! You look great btw. Now I'm hungry for cake. Too funny about the dog - mine doesn't get that connection either.


Robin said...

I want to come have a "Bayfield Day". It looks like you had a great day.

Jan said...

Happy Birthday! Glad your day was great!

Mmmmm, send K this way! All look yummy, and you've confirmed they are yummy -- we need some!

Looks like K will always have baking as a possible moneymaker!

SwissKnits! said...

HaPpY BiRThdAy!!!!!

Love the M & M Cake!!! K did a wonderful job!! Will we see her on Challenge Birthday Cake Edition??
Yes, another DRV worthy program Challenge on Food Network!! The cakes are outrageous!!!

Love my Kindle too!! Which, coincidentally, I got for my birthday too!!! I have it loaded up and ready to go!! Enjoy yours!!

Marianne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Janice! Hugs to you, with wishes that you have many, many more! It sounds like you had an awesome day! A wonderful M&M cake baked by K that looks yummy. Is it a white cake, or does it have M&M's in it, or what? And, K's almond pastry looks awesome! (I love almonds.) I hope she will share her recipe sometime. :-)

Whoever took that picture of Sophie getting her late night bath to remove the mud caught a wonderful picture, had wonderful timing, catching the mud-filled water splashes in mid-air!