Thursday, August 06, 2009

Little Bit Of Everything......

It is hard to believe that we are into August. For one thing we have had the coolest summer that I can ever remember. I keep waiting for it to get unbearably hot and humid, and it just hasn't happened yet. I'm not complaining. It just seems strange.

K and I took a quick weekend trip down to St. Louis and had a great time. Took K down to see The Cupcakery. We have had these cupcakes the last two years at the Spring Fling and they are incredible. What a treat to get one in between Flings!!!

We also did some shopping. Well, Sheri and I shopped while J & K went to the 'Build A Bear' workshop and made these bears. K named hers 'Isaiah' and he has become a special friend.

And we ate well, which is always the case when we go for a visit. Sheri always has THE BEST salad recipes. She made this one for us and it was incredible. I think I had at least 3 helpings. She added cooked chicken to it and a little extra of the oil/vinegar combo. (Check out the Pioneer Woman's website.. FULL of great recipes!!)

Got word from R & M that they have finished their time in Uganda and are now in England for 10 days. They had an incredible time in Africa working with orphans and the local churches.

They posted some photos on Facebook, so I decided to share a few here. I will definitely have them do some guest posts on their return.

We have really missed them this summer and look forward to them coming home next weekend!!

We have REALLY been enjoying having CB living with us this summer and having her and A around much of the time. They are both busy with work, but we catch what time we can. And they have been very helpful with eating some of the 'samples' that K has been producing as she moves forward with her business. She now even has a website!!! Check it out here. She has named her business 'As You Wish.... Custom Oven Creations'. Yummy stuff.

Sophie is her usual cute, pathetic self. One of her many quirks is jumping into ANY car that has a door open or hatch open and sitting there. I think that she has figured out that it is the car that takes us away, and perhaps if she just stays in there, we won't be able to leave her. I think that is what she thinks, anyways!

And she will wait!!!! Here she is an hour later. Still waiting. Steve finally felt sorry for her and made her get out. Now she is sitting at my feet while I update my blog. She's a funny girl. We love her!!!

Until Next Time....


Knitting Mania said...

Hello "Willow Way Knitting", found your blog over at Susan's...sounds like I found a fellow knitter!

Nice to meet you!

HappyTrails said...

Always love reading about your family-Sophie is just too darn cute sitting in the car!!!