Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knitting and Chocolate Dipping....

I enjoy both...knitting and chocolate dipping!! And today has already had a little of both!!! We started with big marshmallows to make snowmen on a stick. (We dipped the two bottom layers and put a plain marshmallow on top for the head...)

Still working on the best ways to decorate the little guys. I think a red licorice scarf would be cute and maybe some pretzel arms. We have also tried dipping the head marshmallow in white chocolate which also works well.

And, of course, one needs to dip mini-marshmallows to create snowman poop. These are very dangerous to have laying around however. They are so yummy!!!!!

If you haven't tried this chocolate yet for dipping, I HIGHLY recommend it!! It is THE BEST dipping chocolate ever. It is a available now for a limited time at Sam's Club. Definitely worth stocking up on! (I bought 85 pounds worth if that gives you any idea how much we like it!!)

I won't tell you how much of the snowman poop I have already consumed today. It's just not something I want to confess to!

In knitting news, I am still working on the fingerless mitts. I finished the yummy blue ones and I LOVE how they turned out. And although these will soon be on their way to China, I have enough to make myself a matching pair!!! (Steve just wanted reassurance that I won't need a new coat to go with them..... hmmmm, do you suppose I have a bit of a coat issue???) Some of asked what yarn this is, it is Fiesta Boomerang.

As it turns out, my friends daughter in China has two teammates that she is there with, so I am knitting fast and furious to get 3 pair ready to send by this Thursday. Here is the first mitt of the 3rd pair. (I am half way done with the second mitt as well, so I should be able to have them ready!!) I am totally addicted to this pattern. Totally. (This is also Fiesta Boomerang)

I felt bad about the condition of Sophie's toys after my last post, so I broke down and bought her a couple of new ones. I don't know why. This one already has rips in it and stuffing is laying all over the house. Not sure I will ever learn.

Oh, and the fresh breath rinse and mints are doing NOTHING for Sumo's bad breath. Sigh. It was worth a shot.

Until Next Time....


Paulette said...

Your blog has been making me very hungry lately......:) Cute Snowmen! Love the mitts---haven't tried making mitts yet---definitely want to try that pattern. That's really nice of you to send mitts for all the girls---you're a fast knitter! We have a dog who chews through toys quick, too. Now I only buy things "Made for strong chewers." They last a little longer! Paulette

Christine said...


What size needles are you using with this yarn, which is sock weight, right?

I've knit a few of that pattern but didn't like the way the cable looked with the yarn I'm's a worsted.

Wow! how are you sending them? how do you make sure the kids get the gifts? ( can't I guess, but I like to worry).

The mitts look great! have you become a really speedy knitter????? I remember when you started knitting..HA!

Write back, so I know what size needles you're using!

Gardnwest AT aol DOT com

Christine said...

OOPS!!!! so sorry Janice...I had a feeling I wrote something down incorrectly when I wrote I know..just when I was typing the email to you, something rang a bell.

Cecilia said...

we get our GSD boy (big jaws, STRONG bite-drive) KONG balls, they last a long time! (and OOOOh how he loves them!)

Marianne said...

I love all of your fingerless gloves: they're beautiful. And you are so fast! I need to get my knitting mojo back, because I really need to make a pair for me to wear now that it is cold weather time in Michigan.

The marshmallow snowmen are darling. Sophie is really cute with her toys: she does love her toys.

Have a good weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your Swedish Tea Ring recipe by accident and went onto your blog and read about Sumo and the bad breath thing. I just had to have my dogs teeth cleaned because of bad breath. This may by Sumo's problem. Ask your vet. BTW thanks for the recipe. It's just like what Pa always loved me to make.