Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh The JOY....

Oh the JOY of being a grandma!!! Hard to believe that I have almost 5 months of experience already!!! Thought I would give you a peek at little A. (Well.. not so little anymore!!) There is just nothing like a baby to attract attention and smiles!!

He has gotten so big! He has always had quite the fascination with his tongue and it's fun to watch him stick it in and out.

He smiles and laughs often! And it is contagious!!
I'm pretty sure he is totally unaware how much joy he has brought into the lives of so many!!

He has made friends with people from all over the world. One of our dear friends from Nigeria was visiting and taught M how to wrap and carry A in true African style.

R & M are getting him started early on the piano. It may be a little while before he plays solo!!

Joy is also found in time spent with all of our kids. Had the chance to see A & C in January while we were in Colorado for a conference. Oh how I miss these two!!! Thankfully we have several visits coming up in the months to come.

Y (our foreign exchange student from China) is still with us for a few more months. She has been helping us as we have basically repainted most of the house. It was hard to paint over her awesome writing on the walls of the hall!

K is finishing up her final semester of college. So hard to believe. She still LOVES to spend time in the kitchen and occasionally even does a few orders for her baking business.

I'm wrapping up another tax season. Looking forward to having 1040's behind me for another year! More time to spend with family!!

Oh the joy......

Until Next Time...


JoAnn said...

Thanks for sharing your family photos. He sure is a sweetie! I hope you're finding time to knit inbetween all the tax returns and visiting.
I'm looking forward to April 15th (18th) very much also. My long days at the CPA firm will slow down considerably and I can then concentrate on gardening, etc. Hope to hear more from you soon!

hakucho said...

He's a little cutie...that's for sure :)

Marianne said...

I love your family photos! Your grandson is gorgeous! What a sweetie! It won't be long before he will be everywhere in the blink of an eye, getting into everything that you had put up. And you just thought you puppy was a problem, LOL! We had to put locks on the doors, cabinets, refrigerator, and you name it, to keep our sons safe. And we put our daily trash under the locked cabinet under the kitchen sink. If I had young children around, I would lose any lever door handles, too, because those are too hard to childproof, but I bet you already know that.

I really miss your regular posts. I finally stopped looking as often, but hopefully we'll see more now, with your precious grandbaby! Your children are all awesome. Happy Spring! Take care!

Marianne said...

I thought I said something when I read this a month ago, I'm sorry. What a great family you have! And your grandson is darling. That second picture tells me that he's going to be a real handful in not very long. Look at his eyes and all of the things he is thinking about doing as soon as he can! I wish you would write more often, Janice! I miss your regular updates! Take care, Marianne