Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Knitting News...

First off, let me say thank-you for all your kind comments for my dad on his wonderful cross-stitch piece! It was a real pat on the back. (And who doesn't love to have their hard work admired and appreciated??) Also, I want to publicly announce that I have promised my father that I will NOT run back into a burning building to retrieve it. (He graciously promised to 'whip me up' another if that ever happens!). I will say, however, if I have the opportunity to only grab one thing on my way OUT of a burning house, that my santa would be it. Ok. We have that cleared up.

On to my knitting news. It's been a while since I have had a post primarily about knitting. First I begin with the Tale Of Three Single Socks. I vowed when I first began knitting socks to do everything in my power to avoid SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Well, it didn't take long for me to see why this is so rampant among sock knitters!! Once you have done one sock, your mind wanders to different yarns; different patterns that you are itching to try. And doing the second sock of a yarn and pattern already completed seems so redundant. Here are my poor socks waiting for their mates. Cider Moon Glacier; Claudia Peppermint Mocha and my All Things Heather Vikings sock (who as you can see has a mate that has at least been started!!) My goal is to cast on the other two as well and have them done by mid-October. Hold me to it... won't you???

In the meantime, I have cast on my Monkey Sock for my swap partner in the Monkey Sock III Swap. I was a little intimidated by it all having never done a sock for someone else.. or such a complicated pattern.. or even a top down sock before. But things are going ok. I decided to use a skein of Wollmeise in the Spice Market colorway. It is turning out gorgeous!! (The picture does not do the color justice!) I'm a little nervous that my gauge is a little off, so I'm waiting a bit for extra measurements from my swap partner before I continue. I can already see doing this pattern again! The fun thing is knowing that someone out there is knitting a pair for me!!

I did cast on and begin another Chevron Scarf. This time I am using two skeins of Fiesta Boomerang. I am using the Navajo Silver and African Violet colorways. I have to say I love this yarn! It is so soft. It is a little thicker than other yarns, so the scarf is coming out a little wider than the pattern says, but I am going to like it! It will be very warm. My goal is to be able to take it to Europe the end of September. (More on that trip in a future post!!)

I've been doing a little online retail therapy as I adjust to an aging dog; empty nest; etc.. etc.. Here are a few of the things that my mailman brought me already this week.

The first is the new sock book by Cat Bordhi. I have read great reviews on Ravelry about it and decided I 'needed' to add it to my library. It looks very interesting.....

And then on Sheri's last sneak up I decided to indulge in more sock yarn. I'm so thankful that sock yarn doesn't count as stash. Unfortunately she has more yummy yarn going up in the next sneak up as well, so I may need just a wee bit more. She is such an enabler!!! Here you see some Dream In Color Smooshy; Fleece Artist Somoko; 2 colorways of ShibuiKnits and some Merino 5 by Crystal Palace. What can I say? It all wanted to come live with me!!

You may ask what the container is that is holding all the yummy yarn. Well, it is the Kitty Pi bed that I made last fall for my niece's cat. Turns out that her siamese is too good for this type of bed. (One has a hard time understanding royalty sometimes!!) So I took it back in exchange for knitting my niece a ballband bag in its place. I've trimmed the fur and refelted it to a smaller sturdier size and plan on giving it to a certain Loopy cat I know (who happens to have only an old suitcase in the back storage room to lay her head...)

Sumo would like me to share that he is taking good care of Nikko these days. He is never far from her side. Ok, he does admit to sometimes getting jealous if we pay her too much extra attention.. but other than that he's been a good little brother for her. She has good days and bad days; good hours and bad hours. She still seems generally happy with life, which is a good thing. We are just enjoying each day we have with her!

Until Next Time


danielle said...

finish up your socks, then you can wear them! that's my only motivation for knitting whole pairs...

i still love that peppermint mocha one. the colors are gorgeous.

are you liking the top-down sock? i'm trying the jaywalkers again, which are top down... at first i was hesitant (i like to think of myself as a toe-up sock knitter), but... the heel flap was kind of fun... and the tubular cast ON looks so much nicer than the tubular cast OFF.

Kristin said...

I've missed some posts, I hope Nikko is ok, or happy and chasing rabbits and tennis balls in her dreams.

Knit socks, knit socks, knit socks.
You'll need your viking socks to wear while you watch the games, then knit the other ones up while you're wathing.

marit said...

You're going to Europe???Where??? When??? why????

As for the socks- well, I'd never knit a toe-up sock until this year(and I've knitted socks for 20 years...)They all look great. And lonely.

hakucho said...

All your socks look wonderful. You have to finish their mates ;)

I like how you are combining 2 variegated yarns for your chevron scarf ...very pretty. Using 2 different variegated yarns is something I need to try sometime!

happy knitting :)

SwissKnits! said...

Oooooo DD9 and I LOVE your new chevron scarf! She was looking over my shoulder as I made the picture larger... "Oh that looks pretty" I hear her say. :)
I love the little pops of white. Strange?
The colors you chose are well matched!

Aaaahhh retail therapy... my weakness.

And one question about "empty nest" doesn't your house stay cleaner? LOL I don't know how my kids do it. I have three... but you would swear that there are 12 of them... one mess after another... I am constantly cleaning up something...

Little chin scratches to Nikko and Sumo!

SwissKnits! said...

Quick question: Is the Claudia HP Peppermint Mocha in fingering or sport weight?


Deborah said...

basket of sock yarn is divine... I would wear those socks as random pairs... yes I'm crazy like that.

Robin said...

I love the socks. I am so proud of you for joining the "sock" crew. I want details of the trip to Europe. LOL

rohanknitter said...

EUROPE? Did you say Europe?? Big sigh......
We want details!

The monkey sock yarn looks so yummy - I keep drooling over sock yarns in fall colors. Love all that stuff you got in the last sneak up, too. THose sneak ups are hard to resist. I've been very tempted, but I'm holding out for some Wolmeise (sp).
You've got to finish your socks so you can wear them - sooner or lat er we'll get some nice fall weather that just cries out for hand knit socks. ; )
How sweet that Sumo is so attentive to Nikko.

Caroline said...

I love the kitty bed. I knit several of them a couple of years ago, but the only one I have left is deligated to the bunny. He loves it.

Your socks all look so pretty. I've been envious of your sock blockers for quite awhile, but I've overcome that...I've ordered a set for myself from Loopy Ewe:)

Europe! Sounds exciting

gaylen said...

Hi Janice I just found you from following a link on Bonnie's blog. How is Miss Nikko doing? She is so beautiful.

I hear ya with the empty nest syndrom too. My youngest daughter (The Princess) just moved to Connecticut to take a full time nanny job and the oldest finally moved out. The house sure is quiet - even with four dogs.

Love your blog - will be checking in often. g

monica said...

Wow, your socks are looking great. Don't you love the Wollmeise sock yarn. I love the Spice Market colorway. All the yarn you got looks yummy.
Sumo is such a good little brother, I hope the new medicine works for Nikko

Jeremy said...

I made a rule for myself that when I finished the first sock I had to immediately cast on the second. So far with about 5 pairs under my belt it has worked. Your monkey sock looks great. I did the Monkey Swap 2. A lot of fun.