Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my Father's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!! Here you see a picture of my Dad and I taken this past weekend. But things were a little reversed as far as gift giving goes! This is not a gift I was giving him, but rather an amazing gift that he was giving to me! What you see is a cross-stitch piece my father made for me. I used to cross-stitch. I know the HOURS and HOURS that have gone into this piece. And, not only that, it is the second time he's done this pattern!

The first time he made one was about 11 years ago when my sister-in-law, Colleen, had found this pattern and gave it to my dad, who is an avid cross-stitcher. He stitched it up, but in the scroll part, he graphed and stitched the names of our whole family in his handwriting making the piece beyond priceless. After he finished it, it was given to my younger brother and Colleen (who had originally found the pattern)...and, yes, I have coveted it ever since!! My dad knew this (at times I can be quite vocal....) and decided to make one for his favorite daughter. (Ok, Ok, I admit I am his ONLY daughter.. but I'm sure would still be his favorite if he had more... right Dad??) Anyways, this has now jumped to the top of the list of my very favorite possessions. And, yes, I would run back into a burning house to retrieve it.

We did celebrate my Dad's birthday in a way by taking my folks to see Triple Espresso Friday night. (This was actually his gift from last year so we're a little behind..but getting there!) It was lots of fun. Here you see my parents with my brother's wife Colleen, and their 3 kids outside the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis.

They were chosen as Hugh Butternuts parents for the evening, which will make sense to anyone who has seen it. For those who haven't, just be warned that there is quite a bit of audience participation!

We were just in the cities for a short time and then headed home to check on the dogs and then headed over to Galena. I did quite a bit of sock knitting.. which will be featured on my next post. (Don't get too excited....) I also finished the first of my college sweaters. I did the Purple/Yellow one, which is also the Vikings colors. I found these two bears downtown Galena yesterday at The Galena Teddy Bear Co. Aren't they adorable?? I still need a third, but Kirstin said I could borrow her black bear, Coal, until then.

In other news: I have FROGGED my Chevron Scarf. Yes, it is no more. I loved the color combination, but using two yarns of slightly different weights was not going well. I have 2 different options I am looking at right now and hope to cast on another this week.

Other Updates:
Aaron is back at school and his back is doing well. We are hopeful that it will continue to heal. He called to say he had played 3 hours of Ultimate Frisbee last weekend.. which is pretty amazing! He has changed his major to something I can barely pronounce.. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Undergraduate Major. Phew! All I can say, is better him than me!!

Llamas are no more at our farm. Johann, the llama you see here with Aaron, went to live at a farm north of town, leaving us with just Sebastian.. who was Kirstin's original llama. We are boarding him at our friends house who lives right next door. This leaves an empty barn.. but don't worry, Steve has great plans for the barn. A shop; clean storage; etc.. etc..

Until Next Time....


Allison said...

Happy Birthday Dad! What a fabulous celebration and what a great gift to you. I imagine you will cherish it. Sorry you are llama free although maybe it's a good thing? Have a great Labor Day!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! I cannot believe you talked him into making you that cross-stitched piece. (Wait a minute - yes, I can. You can talk anyone into anything. I know that of which I speak.) It's beautiful!

marit said...

Amazing work on the crosstitchpicture! It is vely! Happy belated birthday to your dad:-)

danielle said...

wow... that is... a *LOT* of work on that cross stitch! that's so cool!

my friend went llama free a number of years ago and now has a whole herd of alpacas instead, which she said she prefers. her alpacas spit at me, though, so i prefer my dog, who can't spit. (no lips)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing and thoughful gift from your Dad...I also used to cross-stitch and KNOW the hours upon hours of time he put into this....gorgeous work...and oh....if he's looking for another

Blogless Diane

AllyB said...

Wow! You are a lucky favorite daughter indeed. Happy Birthday to your Dad. That x-stitch piece is awesome.

Angela said...

What an awesome cross-stitch Santa. I used to cross-stitch so I know how much work that was.

Also, I had to frog a chevron scarf for the exact same reason as you did. Looking for 2 of the same brand yarns to do it with, but it is hard to put things together online.

zippiknits said...

The cross stitch pieces are stunning, just superb! Grats to your Dad on them and on his birthday as well! And glad that your son is back in school and that his back is improving so well. Yes, I, too, believe that first a child was God's child, and then He sent them to us. I love the scripture you shared.

Sorry to hear of Nikko's diagnosis. Our little dog has times when he can't figure out things, and only responds to some of his trick commands and other commands, but he has epilepsy. Yes, it is very sad to watch them change. Jazzie is 11 years old. Diagnosed a little over a year. Hope the meds help Nikko.


Robin said...

Your dad is an amazing stitcher. I showed the picture to my husband and he said WOW. Hope he had a great birthday with his "favorite" daughter.

hakucho said...

The picture your dad cross stitched for you is amazing and priceless! I've had a cross stitch on linen in the works for over 15 years now and really understand the work involved.
Your bears are so cute. Can't wait to see the rest of their sweaters. Glad Aaron is doing so well and good for him for finding such an interesting major (one that I never knew existed). I wish him the best of luck!

rohanknitter said...

That cross-stitch is absolutely amazing!!! I'd say that goes under the family heirloom category.

Hope Aaron continues to do well!!