Thursday, August 30, 2007

News Of Nikko...

Well, the big news around our house this week is the diagnosis of our dog Nikko with Cognitive Dysfunction, which is essentially the animal form of Alzheimers. She has been progressing very rapidly, which has been very hard to watch.
She still seems to know us, but does not understand commands; occasionally forgets she is housebroken; does a lot of circling and often just has a disoriented look about her. But other than that, she is in great health and still has what I feel is a good quality of life. We are starting her on some new medicine today that may or may not help.. but I feel we owe it to her to give it a try. She has been a faithful friend for well over 12 years. Has anyone else experienced this with a dog? Like I said, it's very sad.

I have found I may need to increase my knitting time in order to help Nikko. She seems to be happiest when we are with her. Her panting is less; she circles less and seems pretty content. So sitting and knitting with her at my feet is just what the Vet ordered!!

I did finish the little teddy sweater. Found a bear around the house willing to model (and keep the sweater if I want). I have the school color yarns purchased and ready to go. I think I will start with Ryan's school colors as they are Purple and Gold, which of course are also the Vikings colors.. so I'll basically get a 2 for 1!!

With the weather turning cooler, I also am ready to start knitting and felting some more bags. Yes, I should be able to help Nikko quite a bit in the next few weeks!

We went to visit Kirstin at school yesterday and had a great time with her! Steve was able to make their dorm room wireless; get the printer hooked up and several other 'dad' jobs. We then went out to dinner and found a fun yarn shop that was new to both of us, but that Knitting Hawkeye told us about. Crazy Girl Yarn Shop. Perfect! It was closed when we got there, but we'll be back!! Kirstin was excited because it is a drop off spot for the Preemie Project.

We weren't able to eat here yet because it is not quite open.. but it is coming. That's right. One of my top 3 very favorite restaurants will be opening it's very first Iowa location and Kirstin is right by it. Yep. I'll be visiting often. (I mean, to see Kirstin of course, but if we happen to eat here as well, so be it!!)

I made an extremely fun Ebay purchase this past week. Ever since we had this cupboard built in to our kitchen, I knew this canister set was meant to be there. I have wanted it for 8 or 9 years now, but never was able to win an auction on Ebay in my price range. It FINALLY happened. And it is just as I imagined. They fit perfectly. They now house my flour; sugar; brown sugar and powdered sugar. Best of all, my poor sister in law no longer has to check my suitcases when I leave her house to make sure I haven't 'accidently' packed them!! We'll actually be staying with them tomorrow night, so I'm sure this well be good news!

Tomorrow begins a 4 day weekend for Steve. Yippee!! We'll head to the Twin Cities in the morning and spend the day with my folks and then go with them (along with my younger brothers' family) to Triple Espresso. Ok, if you have never seen Triple Espresso, you need to do so!! It is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life, bar none. Saturday we will head back home, pick up the dogs and head to Galena for the rest of the weekend. I see lots of knitting time ahead....

Until Next Time.....


SwissKnits! said...

Oh, poor Nikko. I hope the meds work out. :( Prayers all around.

And the Black Bear, well... too cute. Where I live we have Black Bears that are all over. We have had them in our yard. I love them. Yes, I stay away from them.. but any type of Black Bear I just love. I am totally against the Bear Hunt here in NJ. OK so now you know I'm strange, I like black bears and spiders... but they are all *outside* remember!! LOL

Kristin is so lucky! Good for her that she knits for charity!

Longaberger?? They are too cute!!! Enjoy them.

Have a nice and safe trip this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about Nikko.We,too experienced these sorts of symtoms with our 12 year-old mixed breed dog.The vet first prescribed Valium-which didn't work.We then switched to Clomicalm which did work but made her really sleepy.At least she wasn't constantly circling or panting.It seemed to give her relief.I know it is difficult to watch your dog go through this.
I hope you have a good weekend with friends and family.

hakucho said...

I am so sorry to hear about Nikko. Keep on knitting if it makes her happy :)
The bear's sweater is so cute...and kudo's to you on finally getting your canister set. They are beautiful!

happy knitting :)

Danielle said...

Poor Nikko-- but she sounds lucky to have a family that loves her so much, especially one with a knitter, a hobby that keeps you close by-- right where she wants you to be! I hope the medication works out. Dogs are the greatest, aren't they? She has an awesome nose.

The little sweater looks cute!!! You're already a sweater pro.

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm very sorry about Nikko. That is very sad.

Congratulations on your cannister set. Don't you just love eBay? And your daughter looks like she's finding school fun! =) Have fun visiting your brother!

Karen said... sorry to read about Nikko. Dogs add so much to our lives and are such close companions. She is lucky to have your family to love on her. I pray the meds work and she finds some relief. Kiss that wet nose for me!

I LOVE EBAY! I find the best things there. Like you with your canisters, I have wanted a krumkake iron since mine went awol in the move years ago. I just found one on ebay for 5$! They are 50$ new! I am so excited, since a friend and I get together with our irons every December and make dozens of those thin and crispy krumkakes! Yum, love'em!

I wish we could get together, maybe next time you are in the Twin Cities. I live in the western burbs in Excelsior so we could meet somewhere for coffee and knitting!

Karen in MN

marit said...

So sorry to hear about Nikko, I sure hope medication will ease his condition a bit.
Have a nice trip this weekend.

Allison said...

So sorry to hear about Nikko. I will be thinking of you. It's very nice of you to make such a sacrafice for him and knit more. You are truly a good person :-) Looks like a fun trip to college! A chipotle grill just opened near us and it is packed, packed, packed all the time!

Jane said...

Sorry to hear about Nikko. My prayers are with her and your family. Just keep loving her lots!

You were in my neck of the woods! (I work in IC) Been to Crazy Girl Yarn Shop and love it! Their other (original) store is in Muscatine. Its so nice to have another yarn shop to choose from here. Maybe I'll see your daughter there sometime! :-)


Deborah said...

so sorry to hear about your dog... although, not to make light of it, i did exactly the same thing yesterday when i got an inner ear infection. NOBODY stayed around to knit near me... sob - oh, you see, i forgot, i'm the only one in my house who knits.

Caroline said...

I'm sorry to hear about Nikko too. It 's so hard dog's are sick. We love our dogs like it sounds like you do. Our Golden Retriever had grande mal seizures, and it was so hard. We kept him on medication for quite a few years though, and he lived a happy life inspite of occasionally freaking us out when he had a seizure.

I've been knitting some socks with my "pepermint mocha" yarn. What a wonderful experience.

KSee said...

Nikko and you sitting and knitting, good for both of you. You are doing all the right things at a time like this.
Ebay, what is there to say!!!
Love the picture of you & Kristin. At first look I thought that was a picture above her bed. LOL
Your gone on your trip so more later...

Karen said...

So sorry to hear about Nikko. I'm guessing having things change and the kids being gone doesn't help matters either. Animals get stressed just like we do. I hope the medication helps.
Your cannisters are lovely! Good things come to those who wait.
My daughter is staying home for college, but one of her friends almost lived with us for quite a while during high school, and she went away for college. I think I will pick up a bear and knit a sweater in her school's colors and send it off to her. Thanks for the idea.
I am watching your Chevron scarf progress in anticipation. We don't have a yarn store where I can go and choose yarn so I will have to order on-line. I have been watching blogs all over for something I can order from the Loopy Ewe. But I know I have to be quick - gosh her stuff moves fast. ; )
Karen V in MN

Marianne said...

I am really sorry to hear about Nikko! That is so hard when our 4-legged long-time, good friends/family members become ill. I really hope her new medication works!

Your new cannisters look like they were made just to go in that cupboard! I am really glad that you finally were able to get them.

Enjoy your 4-day weekend!


rohanknitter said...

I'm sorry to hear about Nikko ! I've never even heard of that problem before. I hope her new meds will help. We are dealing with an aging dog as well, altho he doesn't have issues like that. It's just sad to see him getting so stiff and arthritic. My husband thinks the dog is losing his sense of hearing, smell, etc. All I know is, when I'm cutting up meat in the kitchen, he's in there pretty darn quick! But he's definitely slowing down in a big way.

The canisters are so cute!