Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have to tell you that reading blogs can be hazardous to your checkbook and is often responsible for completely blowing a perfectly good budget!! What do I mean?? Well, how many times have I been reading someone's blog and think "Oh, I really need that yarn!" or "Oh, I can't live without that bag!" even "I HAVE to knit that next...." Sigh. It has happened multiple times this week alone. The first episode happened while reading Sheri's blog and seeing her beautiful Chevron Scarf found in this book. Of course I had to buy the book and probably will have to buy more yarn to make the scarf. (Unless I can find two skeins that will work in my stash.....)

Then I received an email from Swissknits saying she thought of me when she saw this bag on Etsy. So I had to have it. And it will be here in time for the Vikings game Friday night. And since I'll be working on my Vikings colored socks, it will be perfect!!

The socks are coming along nicely. They aren't exclusively Vikings colors.. but close enough!!
(Knit with All Things Heather Punzel colorway using the Waffle Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks book)

The going has been a bit slow due to the fact that I am addicted to M&M's. Dishcloths that is. (Well, real M&M's as well if you must know!!)

Two more dishcloths have been knit since my last post. I think I need a blue one, and then maybe I'll take a break. They really do make me smile.

Not sure if I ever posted a picture of my completed Peppermint Mocha sock, but here it is in it's completed goodness. (I used the Twin Rib pattern from the Sensational Knitted Sock book) It feels so wonderful on my foot. Must knit #2. (Get thee behind me Chevron Scarf!!)

On the home front, Ryan is back to his happy bubbly self with the return from Africa of his beautiful fiancee. 3 days after her return she begun her student teaching, so we haven't been able to see her much! Hopefully soon. Ryan, however, has been able to spend this week at her folk's with her so they've had the evenings to register; make wedding plans and just enjoy being together.

(She brought back wonderful gifts for us which you can see in this picture, and which I will write more about in a future post!)

We spent the last couple of days in Minneapolis at the 25th Anniversary celebration of our dear friends. This is a picture taken at it of 2 of my dearest girlfriends in the world. (The one in the middle was the one celebrating her 25th. We have been friends since I was 4 years old!!) The 6 of us and our families are referred to as the 'Triple R Gang' because all of our last names begin with R. We have shared life together and I love them deeply. To be have such good friends is one of life's richest blessings!!

Until Next Time...

P.S. Sumo would like you to know that he has made a special guest appearance on another blog!! He was very honored. You can check it out here!


baby face said...

Congratulations on your upcoming
wedding. "A very good thing" as
Martha would say. I love your
Peppermint socks. Would you mind
telling us what pattern you used.
You look like you have a lovely

danielle said...

your peppermint mocha sock is so nice, i love those color combinations...

you'll get a lot of mileage out of that last minute knitted gifts book... i got it as a "freebie" in a shrinkwrapped set with the Knitting Nature book that i intended to buy and i've used it more than the book i was really shopping for in the first place.

SwissKnits! said...

Yes, I completely agree that Blogland is helping me spend, spend, spend. I bought the same Fiesta colors that Sheri is using on her Chevron Scarf, just got them this morning, will begin later. I fell head over heels with her color combo - of course I feel like a complete copycat... LMKG is already in my posession, and I *know* that I will get my money's worth.
Bags? well, I'm so happy you got that bag. Did you see the inside? So cool!! You can't go wrong with that bag! BTW being a military kid I used to live in MN. Park Point, (Duluth)
Did you notice that once upon a time a skein of yarn for $25.00 seemed so far out? and the more I knit and the more I shop it's so little to spend?
My knitting costs me in not only yarn, but accessories as well...

Oh, doorbell ringing... must be more knitting stuff...

baby face said...

Well, I opened my mouth and put
my foot in. I asked about you
Peppermint sock pattern and I see
that you have it on your website.
I apologize. Thank you for the
already given information.
Happy Knitting.

Frances said...

THat happened to me, too! As soon as I saw the post on Sheri's blog, I had to make the scarf, so I ordered more yarn from her and went out and got the book!
Love your dishcloths! may have to make some for my mom - she loves m&m's too!

Janice said...

You did no such thing!! I edited my post and added that information after your comment! :-) Sorry, but I don't have a way to email responses to people unless they email me first!! janice

Robin said...

Janice, the socks look great. I was tempted by that scarf too. I have resisted so far. I think I might have to pretend that I don't know you during football season. I am a Chiefs fan, living in Minnesota.

Chelsea said...

I can sooo relate to the "feeding" off of each others' ideas. Speaking of which, you'll be happy to know that I was re-inspired to search out some Peppermint Mocha, not at all realizing that it is a colorway that only Sheri has. Lucky for me, they re-stocked it right after I posted that last comment. I am now the proud owner of three skeins of Peppermint Mocha. Yeay! :)

The Chevron Scarf is so fun because you really get to try out some neat colors together. It's especially fun when you put two colorways together that you might never be able to imagine together otherwise. Have lots of fun when you get started - and make sure to post some pics for us to see, too. :)

baby face said...

Dear Janice,
Thank you for the information.
I thought I was losing my mind----

Caroline said...

How funny! You and I were on the same wavelength this week. I was just lamenting on my blog my inability to refrain from buying, buying, buying lately.

Sumo looks very proud on Julie's blog.

Jknits said...

The socks look great. The book was a great purchase. It is one of my favs. You will probably find many tempting projects in it.

hakucho said...

You are really full steam ahead in the sock knitting dept. ! I love your Viking socks...very pretty...and yes, reading blogs is VERY hazardous to the pocketbook. The must haves list is growing every day ;)

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the M&M dish cloth pattern. I took it to our knitting group last night with my yellow one mostly finished. I made Monster cookies so we had an M&M theme. Maybe that's why people stayed later than usual last night.

Mitchypoo said...

omg, Viking socks! I love it, being a MN girl myself, although I'm now living in CA! I'm going to a chili cookoff in a couple weeks and we are to wear our favorite teams garb, perhaps I'll have to make me some socks!

rohanknitter said...

"Does this every happen to you?"
I end up finding out about yarn, books & patterns, stitchmarkers and all sorts of goodies I never would have known existed! In a way it's good, but in a way bad! And I just followed the link to those bags and now I want one - only $10 including shipping!

Your socks look great and I love those dishcloths - maybe that will be the next one I do.

monica said...

Looks like you almost have a full bags of M&M's there.
I love you Viking socks, I may have to buy that colorway. You are so right about blogging be hard on the budget. The Peppermint socks look wonderful too.

Awww ... Sumo is such a good gaurd dog.