Monday, August 27, 2007

How Do You Cope?

Well, I made it through the weekend! I did, however, have to resort to several of my coping skills. Thought I would share a few of them that came in handy the past few days.

1. An Organizing Project. Yep. When I have a lot to think about and need to keep myself busy, I take on a project. Often times I get it started and then want to quit.. but that is another story. This weekend I went through and photographed and organized my yarn stash into these neat bins I found at Walmart. I still have to make the labels for the fronts, but it's nice to have it all easily accessible. (Fortunately, I have enough of these types of projects to keep me busy the WHOLE year if need be!)

2. Chocolate. It really helps! It was Friday night when Steve realized that we had no chocolate in the house and it was obvious that I needed some. (He knows the symptoms!) He made a late night run to Walmart to snag these. (Yes, the packages are's Monday after all!)

3. Comfort Food. I did quite a bit of cooking of my favorite foods this weekend. Foods that comfort the soul. For me it's Curry over rice; cornbread rolls, cheesecake, more cornbread rolls.

4. Shopping. I purchased two new skeins of Fiesta Boomerang. I think I may FROG my first Chevron scarf and start again with this. Yes, the acquisition of knitting items is as much a therapy for me as the actual knitting!

5. Knitting. Knitting helps, but I needed a project that it didn't matter if I was a bit distracted on, so I decided to start another little teddy sweater out of some leftover sock yarn. It's almost done and I am realizing I don't have a teddy bear that fits it. Oh darn. Must go shopping. (Do you think people will look at me funny if I'm trying the sweater on the bear in the store??)

6. Drinking. My drinks of choice being Diet Pepsi and a Grande Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla Non-Fat Light Whip Latte. (The one you see pictured here is a Venti. What can I say. I was trying to cope!)

7. Scripture.
My number one coping skill for all of life, however, is found in the Word. This weekend I had this verse hanging on the fridge where I could see it often.
Acts 20:32
"Now I'm turning you over to God, our marvelous God whose gracious Word can make you into what he wants you to be and give you everything you could possibly need in this community of holy friends." The Message

So, there you have it. How I made it through the weekend. Now I'll just grab a handful of kissables and a diet pepsi and make it through today. One day at a time. I can do that!! Leave me a message and let me know how YOU cope! I'd love to know! :-)

Until Next Time.....


monica said...

I hope he bought more than one bag of chocolate for you.
That teddy bear sweater is adorable, I think I like this one the most.
And the Fiesta Boomerang is lovely.

Will you come organize and label my stash for me?... it is a mess.

danielle said...

it's so funny that this is your post today. this morning i had a mini panic attack over how many kids i took on for the fall (school starts very soon!) and so i organized my desk (coping skill #1).

luckily my mom's birthday is at the end of september (one of the most stressful months for me), so i also did a little online shopping for her birthday (coping skill #2).

and then i made tea with lots of sugar and milk. (coping skill #3).

i also obsess over my dog. sumo would probably appreciate that one!!!

SwissKnits! said...

I think there is pretty much nothing left out...

I also feel that buying yarn, or other knitting supplies count a therapy. I find myself shopping for knitting "anything" when I am stressed. I find that when I go to knitting stores (virtual or B & M) I look at the accessories FIRST!

I think that you will be happy using the Boomerang for your chevron scarf, I know that I am.

And the bear sweater is soooooooo cute!! You could sell them at a craft fair or something!

Hugs to you Janice... and God bless...

Robin said...

Chocolate can make ANYTHING better. Hang in there.

Caroline said...

Love the teddy sweater. Yes! you will have to find the perfect little bear to fit with the sweater.

Keep the good thoughts:)

Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Chocolate works for me. At times I do resort to retail therapy when I need to cope with things. Usually it is at my local knitting store or The Loopy Ewe!

Anonymous said...

All worthy coping skills. Very productive, I might add. Could you
come and take your stress out on me?? I have plenty to organize, I can stock my fridge with Diet Pepsi and the Curry and Rolls look yummy!!
Seriously, hang in there!! You are doing what we have been commanded to do..."raise them up in the way that they shall go." I can't wait to see where God takes those beautiful children of yours...He has some great plans for their future...plans for good, and not for evil, plans to give them a future and a hope!!!!!!! You have done a great job...celebrate a
job well done (next week, you can write the same thing back to

Jknits said...

Prayer, prayer and more prayer. A fast walk, a long bike ride and reading through knitting blogs!