Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! Valentine's Day already!! I had wanted to make heart-shaped sugar cookies, but didn't have time to let the dough refrigerate, so I made these instead. No one around here seems to mind that they aren't in the shape of hearts!!

I tried to felt K's Lucy bag over the weekend and it came out 'ok', but I still think I want to try a bit longer next weekend in the other machine. The feel of it is a little thin, and I like a little thicker fabric. But after over an hour in the wash machine, I decided to call it quits!! Not sure if it is the washing machine or the well water that is causing it not to work well.

I'm still knitting away on the Ballband bag. I find that my eyes are too tired after being at the computer all day to focus on knitting at night. I just got a new prescription from the eye doctor and am hoping after my new glasses come in that they will help.

Did you notice the neat container that my teal yarn is in in the above picture? I ordered several of these yarn cake holders a few weeks ago. They are really very simple.. just a round plastic container with a small grommet at the top. But it works great for keeping the yarn in while you knit. I think this would be especially nice if one had a curious cat!! I will enjoy using it while I knit in the car, because my yarn always ends up on the ground.

I did end up going down to the spinners guild on Saturday, but I didn't bring my wheel. I visited with a few of the gals and asked a few questions, but am really thinking that I just need more time spinning! I did buy some alpaca roving from one of the gals there who raises alpacas. I think I'll try to do a few other rovings before I tackle this. It is so soft and fine, but I hear a little tricky to spin.

Well, the weatherman is predicting more snow today. Personally, I think we should be snow-exempt for the rest of the year!!! (And all of next year for that matter!) Of course, Steve and Sumo have a different opinion. Steve thinks we are having a GREAT winter and LOVES all of the snow. Crazy guy!! And Sumo loves it as well, although I think he is happy to be a house dog for the most part. I guess I'm glad somebody enjoys it!

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danielle said...

i love photos of dogs in "the wild"-- ziggy always looks so funny out in the yard... i like to block out all of the signs of civilization (fence, neighbor's bird feeder, etc.) and pretend that he's just roaming the wilderness. then i remember that he wouldn't last 10 minutes. poor domesticated little guy.

your ballband bag looks great! i love the colors!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't bear chilling the dough and rolling and cutting either. I am hoping once the kids are done decorating they won't notice.
Great yarn container, it's a great idea!!

I'm with Steve and Sumo, loving the snow.

Happy Valentine's

monica said...

I am so with Sumo and Steve about the snow, unfortunately we have had more ice than snow.

That roving is so pretty, not being a spinner I can't help with any tricks, but the last time I was at the now closed yarn shop, there was a lady there that has Alpacas, and she said she always holds just a tad of merino or some other soft sheep wool with her alpaca when she spins.

The Lucy looks nice, and I hope the new glasses will help you make it through the tax season and allow you to still knit in the evening.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Yay! Snow!! You're so lucky. Even if you really don't appreciate it.

Happy Valetine's Day! xoxo

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

P.S. Cookie dough chills right up if you put it outside in this cold weather. Ask me how I know.

Marianne said...

LOL, to Sheri's comment about the dough chilling outside! Ours would chill very quickly here in mid-Michigan, that's for sure. And, we have more than enough snow here now, with another Snow Advisory for this evening. We are already at double our normal annual snowfall, and counting! Oh, and February was already a new record for snowiest Feb. ever, as of 2/13.

Your cookies look wonderful! I hope your new glasses do the trick! Happy Valentine's Day, you all!

Caroline said...

At least you made cookies. i didn't make anything special for Valentine's, except I did go to the store and bought some Johnsonville Brats because that makes my husband think of Nebraska! Doesn't that sound like a romantic dinner component?

One of these days I have to knit a felted bag. Yours always look so neat!

rohanknitter said...

Yummmm, I want a cookie!!
The Lucy bag looks adorable!
We've had plenty of snow too, but not as much as you guys. I'd rather have snow though, than some of the freezing rain and ice we've had. Towns around here are running out of salt!!

Karen said...

The Lucy Bag looks very nice. I'm am so done with winter! I am ready for spring.

Robin said...

I like the snow but I am sick and tired of the freezing cold. It was -7 this morning. At least the wind wasn't blowing. Those cookies look so yummy.

hakucho said...

I'm all for making sugar cookies like you do...I'm too lazy to roll and cut. They get eaten too fast to put too much effort into it :)

Made your lasagna soup again good - mmm - we really love that recipe :)