Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's April 16th....

Are your taxes done? I hope so!! Tax season is now officially over and the 1040's are put away and my knitting is back out! I have been knitting away on my Circle tote that I hope to have done for the Spring Fling next week. I think I am going to make it! Here is the front side.

I decided on the last circle totes I made that it made more sense to make a simpler back. (Knitting all of those circles is quite complicated... at least for me!!) So I am making a plain red back with one teal circle. Getting close to half way done with this side! I hope to be able to felt the bag this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, we had a GREAT Easter weekend, full of family, fun and a few little disasters... but we'll just talk about the fun!! Saturday was R's birthday and we got to spend our first afternoon hanging out in their new backyard! Played ladder golf; ate cupcakes and had a great time. Forgot to take a picture... Will post a few of their new place after this coming weekend.

Sunday everyone was home for Easter! I LOVE having everyone home. It just feels right. We all met at church for breakfast and an incredible Easter service. Then we met at our home for lunch and an Easter Basket hunt. R & M return from finding their basket back by the firepit where he proposed to M just a little over 2 years ago!

We had hid A's phone in his basket and he had to walk around calling his number until he heard his phone ring. It was hiding up in the tree fort. Most of the goodies he has to share with CB when she returns from Spain next month!!

Lastly, I need to report that Sumo tried but could not protect this little guy from Sophie. She has completely gutted it now and chewed off most of his face. I'm sure the legs will be next. Poor thing. You did what you could Sumo!

Until Next Time....


Angela said...

Glad to hear you made it through tax season alive and well. My little maltipoo does that to her toys too, just chews and chews until the stuffing is all out, the eyes are off, then the limbs one by one. See you next week at the fling.

JoAnn said...

What a very cool bag! I haven't done much felting, but to have a unique, fun bag like that - I could probably make the effort. Can't wait to see it finished. I can hear all the oooo's when you get to the Spring Fling.

The hiding of the cell phone was a good one. That made me laugh!

Ah yes, the destroyed dog toys look all too familiar. My Sawyer-dog even finds ways to tear open the number 8 rated toughest toys - 10 minutes after arriving home.
I can see Sumo just shaking his head and saying, "kids".

monica said...

yay for tax season being over!!!

Your bag looks so neat and I am sure you will have it finished in time.