Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Master R.....

Well, it is official! On Saturday R graduated with his Master's of Accounting! He now would like to be addressed as 'Master R'... Yeah. I don't think so! But we are VERY proud of him!!

It was neat to be there and see him walk across the stage to get his diploma. Wow. I can still remember his first day of kindergarten, and here he is - married and graduating from college.

We celebrated with dinner afterwards and then cupcakes at their house. Steve had snuck over earlier and hung up the sign our friend Paul had made for his high school graduation 6 years ago!! We changed the year.. but the sentiment is still the same! TA DA... I DID IT!

Lots of family to help celebrate the day! Of course M was very proud and happy to have him done with school!!

M's mom and sister came to help celebrate! (Her dad is recovering from surgery and was unable to come! We sure missed you Tim!!)

Brother A was on hand! Next year will be his turn to walk the stage!!

Steve's dad and step mom were there as well celebrating with us!!

And lastly, some very proud parents!!!! Way to go son!!!!

After all the festivities, I did have a little time for knitting as well. I finished the striped tote that I had been working on and got it felted. I really like how it came out and have the next one ready to cast on after I find a stripe pattern I like from the random stripe generator.....

Also finally finished my Noro two toned scarf. Just in time for the heat of summer. Sigh. At least it will be ready to wear in the Fall. Not that I am thinking about it. I so prefer the warmth of summer!!

With the help of K who is home for a few days, we made a tray of Cake Balls to take into the teacher's lounge at M's school. These are very addicting to make, as well as it. Plus, you HAVE to check out Bakerella's website. Click on the April posts and scroll down to see some amazing cake balls. But don't blame me if you spend LOTS of time on her blog. It's not my fault. It's my friend Renae's fault who told ME about it! Blame her!

Until Next Time.....


KnittingHawkeye said...

Wow, after 5 years of college I can't spell. Sorry, had to delete and repost.

I'm graduating from Iowa with my bachelor's this Saturday. I'm assuming from the colors he's wearing he graduated from UNI? My sister is graduating from law school also on Saturday. A lot going on! I hope to see you at Stitches Midwest and/or Sock Summit! <3

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Master R - way to go!!!

Jknits said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. The kindergarten mention made me cry! How wonderful to see your son succeed.

KSee said...

How exciting. Congrats R. Love the banner and his ta da moment. Wonderful family pictures.