Saturday, August 26, 2006

Did someone say Galena???

Well, I am off to Galena! It is my home away from home. It is also the site of my washing machine that felts my bags. (For some odd reason, my washing machine here at home is too 'gentle' and doesn't felt worth beans!!) But, as anyone knows, I am always looking for an excuse to head over to Galena and spend a little time at our 'Galena Haven' We initially set up our townhouse as a scrapbooking (Crop-and-Shop) get-away, but now that knitting is my new love, I have come to appreciate it as a great 'Sit-and-Knit' retreat!

There is a great little fiber studio, Fiber Wild downtown Galena that I love to visit every time I head over there. The owner, Amy, is a weath of knitting knowledge and has helped me as I struggled with my knits; purls; ssk; pm; etc.. etc.. She has some yarn in the shop that I have been eyeing, so I may have to pay her a visit.....

I have no new bags to show you today.. but will by the end of the week! (Be sure to check back!)

I do have a couple more introductions to make. These are not llamas, but the real animal loves of my life.. our two yellow labs.

This is our Nikko. She is 11+ years old and still acts like a puppy! She is the brains of the two.

And, lastly, there is Sumo. He is 10 1/2. He is a full sibling to Nikko (different litter). What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in love. We still fondly call them both 'puppies'. They make our house a home.


Ang W. said...

I have to say "Hi!" Fiber Wild is the only thing close to a LYS near me. But I am 20 minutes away in Iowa. Isn't Amy great!

Ang W. said...

Yes, I did. And that is where I go in Galena IL to Fiber Wild.

Janice said...

Yes, Amy is wonderful! Have you seen the entrelac that she has been knitting lately? It is INCREDIBLE!! I so wish I lived there so I could learn from her.

Rohanknitter said...

I love Galena, haven't been there in quite a few years, though.