Monday, January 08, 2007

The Calm Before....

The Storm!! Yes, there is a storm brewing around here and I have just a few days left before life as I know it changes for 3 months. The storm, of course, is tax season. To add to the craziness of tax season and the long hours that it entails... I took on co-director of the children's Wednesday night program (AWANA) that we are starting at our church in 2 weeks. So, for awhile, my knitting and blogging will be limited, at best. I will get on when I can and hope to sneak some knitting in here and there over lunch breaks. (Oh, wait, I don't get lunch breaks, hmmmmm...) I will figure out something.

Oh, and tomorrow I have to report for Jury Duty. I have heard that it is against the law to bring knitting needles into the courthouse, which really bums me out. Kirstin and I are thinking of ways I could smuggle some in, but I am not sure I want to risk going to jail. I'll just have to bring some exciting reading material with me... like all of the new tax law changes!! (Maybe they will see me reading them AND enjoying it, and think I'm unfit to be a juror.......)

Anyways, precious little knitting to report. I finished another bowl over the weekend. I think this is my favorite one so far. Made with WOTA Bulky varigated. The blues go perfect in the family room; so I think I'll keep it :-)

Also finished a Sebastian Coin purse. I have very little left of spun Sebastian wool... maybe enough for one more of these. I keep my Ipod in the one I have. Works great and is great protection for it when I am carrying it around.

Spent Saturday in Galena with Ryan and Mallory and had a very fun day. We ate lunch at Fried Green Tomatoes... which Galena is famous for. We then walked around all of the shops and headed back to the condo, where we let Ryan beat us at a game of Phase 10!!

Kirstin and Aaron stayed home for the day. Kirstin was up early and volunteered at Habitat for Humanity (which she often does on Saturdays). She sanded mud spots on the ceiling for 3+ hours! Aaron finished packing up and getting ready to head back to ISU. Thought I would include this picture, as I have learned, from a somewhat reliable source, that there is a little point system going on for the number of pictures one gets on my blog. Sigh. It's a mother's never ending job to keep all things equal. Never thought it would make it's way to my blog!!!

Sumo News:

Well, here you see Sumo in his dog house in the garage. But, in reality, he is not the one in the dog house. I am. Yes, me. I took him to the vet last week to have her look at a growth on his gum. (He HATES to go to the vet...) Anyways, they ended up keeping him for the day and removing the growth and 2 teeth!! Needless to say, he was not very happy with me. (I mean, he didn 't get to eat that whole day!!!) Of course, he has already forgiven and forgotten everything and is back to his lovable self, without a bit of a grudge. We can learn alot from our dogs!!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice-
The change purse is really cute, great idea to keep your ipod in.
All my bread recipes are from Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Bread. Not sure the rules on posting recipes that are not mine online.
Obviously if you were a crazed criminal you might see knitting needles as a weapon, but the same could be said about a pen or water glass or a chair. For goodness sake I am sure crochet hooks are allowed, wouldn't that mean that knitters are being discriminated against.

hakucho said...

Your felted bowl is so pretty. I love the color. I want to make one of those felted change purses, too. My to-do-list just seems to be growing longer and longer, day by day.
I wouldn't take any needles to the court house...I'd be devasted if they took them away from me :(

Happy knitting :)

Kirstin said...

Top ten ways to sneak knitting into jury duty:

10. Carry the work in progress as a purse, with the needles as a "decorative top" to the purse.
9. Attach a small flag to the needles. They won't take away a flag!
8. Hide needles in your reading material.
7. Bribe the knitting nazis with the knitted project of their choice.
6. Stuff project into a large coffee thermos... No one questions a lady who needs her coffee in the morning.
5. Wrap yarn around a headband. Actually, that'd be really cute. You might not even want to take the yarn off and use it!
4. Instead of needles, use pencils!
3. Circular needles = underwire.
2. Use straight needles as chopsticks in hair; sneaky AND stylish.
1. Wrap yarn around the head like a turban (not so sneaky, but DEFINATELY stylish!)

Shelley said...

Love the colours of your bowl! The change purse is cute...I was thinking of making one the other day, but don't know if I will...

Oh, and I have a pic up on my blog finally of my finished Kirstin bag!! I just need to get a button or something for the closure.

Janice said...

Thanks daugher Kirstin for the great tips!! (I think you secretly want your mom to go to jail. Am I right, or am I right or am I right, right, right right???)

Jknits said...

For what it's worth, I brought knitting in when I had jury duty. Thank goodness. There wasn't anything else to do! The only problem was that I finished my project and didn't have enough yarn for anything else. Maybe you could bring in a knitting magazine at least. Good luck! Love the bowl.

Janice said...

Yes, I was selected for jury duty and then 'struck' by, I believe, the defending attorney. I did discover that knitting IS allowed in OUR courthouse and would have brought it tomorrow had I been kept on the jury. I did bring the Yarn Harlots book which was perfect!!

AR said...

Eww, tax season! I love your blue bowl, it's so cute.

I bet Kirstin's back hurt after that. What a great thing to do, though!

Some court houses might let you bring in needles, you should call and find out. They probably wouldn't throw you in jail, but I bet they'd confiscate your needles and knitting if you snuck them in! Which may be just as bad. LOL

Rohanknitter said...

Wow, blogger must not like me, I wrote a long comment here the other day but it looks like it's not here.
Anyway, sounds like your about to enter the equivalent of "harvest season" for an accountant. Are you an acct or do you work for one? I know the guy that does our farm taxes practically lives at the office during tax season so I feel for you!!

Robin said...

Janice, I am glad that you didn't get stuck with jury duty right before tax season. I have done jury duty and actually enjoyed it. I will miss reading your blog for the next few months but I hope that all goes well. I was wondering how your sock knitting was going? I also loved the idea of what you are doing with all those bags that you knit. What a great I idea. Enjoy the AWANA program, I worked in the one at our church in Kansas before we moved.