Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes, that's right. Today is my 1/2 birthday. Now I know that most people don't celebrate half birthdays. I do. I do because my very good friend Caroline wishes me a 'Happy Half-Birthday' each year. Some years it's with a card. Sometimes a phone call. There have even been half-birthday lunches!!! Today, there was a message on my answering machine of Caroline and her sweet daughter singing 'Happy Half-Birthday To You'. My husband heard it and offered to take me to a movie to 'celebrate'. I accepted. A movie with popcorn and pop. It has been a good half-birthday. (If you must know...this all goes back to my childhood and the trauma of having a summer birthday and not being able to bring Tootsie Roll Pops to my classroom as a treat. But I guess that's a whole nother post!) Anyways, thank you Caroline for always making me feel special!!

On to knitting. I finished another purse and just have to add the button. It's a modified Sophie bag knit with 2 strands of Paton's SWS wool in Natural Navy. It came out HUGE and I LOVE IT!!!

Here it is before felting:

And after SEVERAL trips through the washing machine!!

The button is just resting on there right now, but I think it's made for it. I can't wait to carry this purse... hopefully in the next day or two (if it ever dries!!!)

I have one more purse on my needles. It is a RunAmok KnotSoHobo bag. It will be my last purse for awhile. No, not because of Tax Season being here. Not because I am tired of knitting purses after a mere 30+ bags in 7 months. (I'm NOT tired of it, by the way!) But because I have committed myself to the earnest pursuit of sock-knitting. I have learned from a VERY reliable source that sock knitters are very fun, somewhat crazy bunch of people. And, well, I just want to be one of them!!

And, well, I also have to start knitting some of the yummy yarn that I have been buying from my friend Sheri at the Loopy Ewe. Another box came today! (Yes, just in time for my half-birthday!!) Here are most of the fun contents that were in the box. I say most, because if you look close there is a small EMPTY bag in the very front. This use to hold M&M's. They are gone. No questions please. They are just gone. Back to the yarn. The top yarn is Schaefer Lola yarn: Royal Heritage. The lower yarn is Posh yarn: Passionate. Both feel very yummy on my toes...and that is before being made into socks. The other items are some of the fun 'extras' that Sheri adds to your package. (That are obviously not chocolate or they'd be empty bags as well....)

My last photo to share is one of Ryan and Mallory. They called the other night to see if I had made dinner yet. I pretended to have a plan. (In reality I was sitting and knitting and watching Gilmore Girls with Kirstin debating if I wanted a bowl of cereal or not....). They offered to come make dinner for us!! I was inclined to acquiesce to their request. What a treat. Look at this yummy HOMEMADE lasagna they cooked up. It tasted like a little bit of Heaven.

It has been a wonderful 45 1/2 years..... Looking forward to many many more.

Until next time.....


Rohanknitter said...

Happy half-bday!
That bag is just great!
How nice that they came and made supper for you - sometimes meals taste better when someone else has fixed them.

Anonymous said...

Happy Half-Birthday! I am new to your blog - I just discovered it when Sheri at Loopy Ewe mentioned it after your visit. I've caught up on all your past blogs and look forward to the new entries!

I just had to comment due to your statement "I was inclined to acquiesce to their request." I laughed out loud at that - reminds me of a certain Pirate. I knew you had good taste!


Bonnie D. said...

Happy Half Birthday, Janice. What a fun way thing to do. My friends who have children with December birthdays have done half-birthdays before but I like your plan, too!

I bet you'll love sock knitting. I saw Sherri's sock club just a wee bit too late to join but I will live vicariously through her other members! I hope to cast on first my first pair of felted clogs this weekend. I am using Big Kureyon.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

1. Happy Half-Birthday!!
2. I'm incredibly proud of you for coming over to the sock-knitting side. (Wooohoo!)
3. To Ryan my wonderful godson - don't you think you and Mallory need to take a weekend trip to St. Louis to see all of the wonderful things we have here and to make dinner for us? (I mean: to see all of the wonderful things we have here?) You know we have plenty of bedrooms and you know I need to meet the famous Mallory. :-)

TeAntae said...

Belated happy half-birthday!!!

I've already passed mine so now I must wait until Income Tax day for my offical birthday. Hmm.. I think the Mad Hatter is right, we all should have 364 UNbirthday parties along with the regular one. Who says I'm suppose to grow up? I'll bop them in the nose! LOL

I love the modified Sophie bag. It came out as great as all of your bags do.

Lasgana? *drool* I haven't made lasgana in far too long. Must look in the cabinets and see if I have the fixins'. Take care!

Anonymous said...

a belated happy birthday, Janice...what a great idea. I am enjoying the blogs of you, Sheri, and Stephanie.

Enid(in England)

Janice said...

Thanks to all for your 1/2 birthday greetings ;-) I think you all should follow my example and celebrate YOUR next 1/2 birthday.

meg said...

How fun that your are joining the sock world. I am almost aftraid of how many socks you will be whipping up after watching you knit all the purses/bags!! At least, you are starting out with a great resource and friend..Sheri at the Loopy Ewe!!

AR said...

Happy Half-Birthday! That's a great idea.

What a nice surprise dinner.

Love the bag, too!

Janice said...

I am glad that you found me from the Loopy Ewe....
And yes, I like Pirates too!! ;-)

Shelley said...

Happy belated Half-Birthday!!

Yay at doing the whold sock knitting thing now!! You can join my One Sock Two Sock webring!!!! Can't wait to see the socks you make :o)

The bag looks great in those colours, and I think the button is perfect for it, too.

Mmmmm....lasagna! I haven't had lasagna in ages...

Robin said...

Janice, I WANT that Posh yarn. I love getting stuff from Sheri. I have you to thank for telling me about her. Good luck with the socks can't wait to see more. They are really easy to travel with.

monica said...

My youngest has a summer B-Day and she enjoys the half birthday celebration too. With school starting earlier she sometimes gets a school celebration. Welcome to sock knitting it is a lot of fun and is addictive. And lucky, lucky you... I wish I had someone to come make my dinner for me.