Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Parade Photos!

Well, the parade was a huge success! The weather was perfect; the llamas did extremely well and everyone had fun! It was a great parade to be in. So many people come out for this parade. It is a little over a mile long and people are 3-4 deep the whole route clapping and having fun.

Kirstin and Sebastian led the group. (Mostly because Sebastian does not like to follow anybody!!) The parade went at a nice pace and we were able to keep up with the group ahead of us quite nicely!

Following the group was my dear sweet husband. This was his first parade so as a newbie he got assigned the glamorous title of 'Pooper Scooper'. (Everyone has to take their turn, and today was his lucky day!) Fortunately for him there was only one incident that required his services!!

This was quite a bit out of his comfort zone. But he did it for Kirstin. (A Father's love endures much!!)

And it was all worth it for him. Kirstin was so happy to have him in the parade. (Steve is just hoping that since he is on vacation for 10 days the image of him as 'pooper scooper' will have dimmed in the minds of his patients and partners....)

Sebastian gets a kiss for a job well done!

Sumo stayed home and took care of things around the farm. (i.e. he slept the whole time!)

He is getting a little nervous today as he is watching me pack our suitcases and get the car ready for vacation. (We are off to Colorado in the morning!) He won't be coming with, but has someone fun coming to stay here and take care of him. (i.e. watch him sleep!)

I hope to post from Colorado some of the fun knitting that I'll be doing... I have lots of yarn and patterns packed (plus have several yarn shops to visit while out there!)

Until Next Time....


Anonymous said...

Llamamigos!! That is a great name.
Enjoy your vacation.

hakucho said...

Great pics of the parade. Hats off to Steve...he's a very good sport and I must say the best looking "pooper scooper" I have ever seen :)

Happy vacation :)

marit said...

Great parade! Have a nice vacation:-)

Jknits said...

I wish I could have seen the parade - it looks like so much fun.
Have a blast in Colorado

monica said...

I hope you have a great vacation! Great pics of the parade, and what a good hubby, cleaning up after the llamas

Shelley said...

Sounds (and looks) like the parade was a huge success!

Enjoy your vacation, and have a safe trip!

rohanknitter said...

The parade looks great. Llamamigos is really clever.
Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

zippiknits said...

Wishing you a safe trip and lots of good times with relaxing but some adventures, too. What would life be like without a few gentle adventures?

Deborah said...

Love his poncho!

AR said...

Cute pics! Looks like a great parade.