Saturday, June 23, 2007

Parade Practice....

Today is the day of the big parade that Kirstin and her friends have been training their llamas for! It's overcast and cool, which should be perfect! Kirstin and Sebastian have been going on daily walks in preparation. On Wednesday we made the 1 mile walk up to Barn Happy where Kirstin sells homemade cookies and scones. (We actually delivered the cookies via llama...)

Here you see them ready to head down the road.....

And here we are at our destination with 40 extra large Monster Cookies to deliver.

I love Barn Happy! (The home of barn good coffee!!) Kris and Tim took this hog barn and after hours and hours of work, turned it into the greatest coffee/gift shop I've seen. Everything they sell is made in or has roots in Iowa. If you are ever in the area, you must stop in. (And do try the scones or monster cookies!)

The tote is coming along quite nicely! Side one is now complete and I am well into side two. Hoping to have it ready to felt when we go to Galena on Monday.

Kirstin has also been doing some knitting and has made these adorable baby hats. Not sure yet what lucky baby will get to wear them, but aren't they adorable??

Until Next Time....


Bonnie D. said...

Oh Janice, that shot of Kirstin walking away is adorable!

How entreprenurial of her to sell the scones and cookies.

I love how your circle tote is turning out. Can't wait to see it finished!

rohanknitter said...

That circle tote is going to be just beautiful!
"Barn happy" looks like a neat place!
Sebastian looks great, I hope he is a good boy in the parade.

marit said...

Love it! The llama, Kirstin, the's just great! Have a nice holiday.

hakucho said...

Baked goods delivered by llama that's something special. Hope the parade went well.
Tote looks great and such cute baby hats :) Mother and daughter knitters...that so nice :)

Shelley said...

Love that last picture! Hope the parade went well and no one was tired from the walking.

The little baby hats are so adorable. Kirstin did a great job with them!

Enjoy your trip, and be safe!