Monday, June 18, 2007

Plugging Away....

I am slowly but surely making progress on my circle tote. I keep it out in the family room and whenever I have a chance, I sit and do a row or two. It is knit on straight needles, which means that every other row is a purl row. I have to tell you, I prefer knitting over purling, but am getting better and faster at it, so it is a good project in that regard. (Plus, I just love how it is turning out).

Here is a better picture that shows how it is coming along. I only have about 20 rows or so left with this first side, and then I'll be able to cast on side two. I can just imagine several color combinations that this would be fun to do in!

Had a relaxing weekend for the most part. First order of business was trying to discourage the robin from hanging out on our window sill. Kirstin took a couple of your suggestions and this is now what my window looks like. A 'scarey' picture of Kirstin hangs in the one pane, and strips of tin foil flap in the breeze on the others. It did help for a bit, but he is back and seems intent on looking in the window. (Plus, I think he's fallen in love with Kirstin.......)

My one project this weekend was to clean up the weed patch that had been my 'garden' last year. (I use the term garden loosely so as not to offend any real gardeners out there.... my gardens are usually mostly weeds!) Anyways, I needed to remove tomato cages and mow down the weeds. As I was pulling up the cages, I noticed several 'volunteer' tomato plants trying hard to grow. (One even had blossoms already!!) I carefully weeded around them and gave them each a tomato cage and am very excited to think I may even have some yummy tomatoes this year after all!

Kirstin has been spending lots of time working with her llama Sebastian. She is going to be marching with him in our town's parade this weekend. She and her llama friends have been in several small town parades in the past, but this is their first time doing one of this size (and where she'll know LOTS of people on the sidelines). Steve has 'volunteered' to march along and carry the pooper scooper. A very humbling job to say the least!

Sumo has his own ideas of what to do with animal droppings. He rolls in it! Yuck! I guess dogs think that rolling in poop disguises their smell and makes them better hunters. In the wild maybe that's a good thing. But when you are a house dog, it is a BAD thing! It means you have to take a bath or two and can't come in until you pass the smell test! Poor Sumo, it's been a long day for him waiting for the 'ok' to come in.

Well, back to my knitting. I'm hoping to finish side 1 of the tote tonight.

Until Next Time.....


monica said...

I never could understand why dogs find the stinkiest stuff to roll around in. I love the window treatments, the robin must just want to join the family. Your bag in progress looks great, I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Yuck Sumo!! My dog seems to really like dead worms.
The tote is looking great, you are doing a great job.

Bonnie D. said...

Ugh. My dog does that two. It was a lovely surprise when he jumped into bed with me the other night.

Even better is when they find an animal carcass (a gift from my cats) in the yard. Ay yi yi!

Good luck to Kirsten in the parade. Sounds like fun and what a cute picture.

Bonnie D. said...

Apologies again on my mis-spelling of Kirstin's name. i do that ALL the time!

rohanknitter said...

The colors in that tote really are nice.
That Sebastian is one handsome looking llama! I bet it's fun to have him in a parade although I don't envy the pooper-scooper his job!
I guess Sumo & Max have the love of poop rolling in common. It really is a dog thing, isn't it!

marit said...

I just can't believe you're keeping llamas-they are so cute! Can you use their wool for anything? Good luck to Kirstin this weekend.
And that totebag comes out really cute:-)

Allison said...

I love your circle tote - it is turning out wonderfully. I've always wanted to make one but those hanging bobbins scare me away! Have fun in the parade.

zippiknits said...

Your tote is becoming very defined and beautiful. I love the black ground and bright colored circles.

Dogs will eat too many things, that is true.

Karen said...

Janice...I think I have the solution to the robin problem! I read this idea but it was for keeping cats off the counters, make loops of duct tape and stick it to the window ledge. Maybe? Of course we don't want any injured robins. Wait...this is maybe a bad idea, I'm getting a vision of fly paper and...oh my, forget I ever suggested it!

Love the llama and Kirstin's picture...too cute!

I hate to admit this, but Summer, the girly greyhound, would probably rather EAT the stinky stuff than roll in it! Double yuck!

hakucho said...

The circle tote looks like a fun knit and I bet the possibilities are endless with all sorts of color combos.
I have never seen a llama march in a parade. Wish I could be there!
Your Robin is too funny...I bet he was a peeping Tom in his previous life ;)
Sure hope Sumo doesn't sleep in anyone's bed...once I knew what he was rolling in, that was the first thing I thought of ;) DOGS...but you gotta love them just the same, right?

happy knitting :)

AR said...

Well, that's just weird, Sumo! (My dog is weird, too, though!) Hehe

I love the circles in your bag! It's looking good!

Shelley said...

Well..I suppose rolling around in the poop is much better than eating it like some dogs do - GROSS!! Really though, Sumo needs a new hobby!

The circle tote is looking great and I can't wait to see it completed!

I wonder if you try some longer streamers on the window if that might help with regard to the bird. It would be noiseless, but the longer pieces might discourage him/her. I wonder if everytime you see the bird there if you were to go to the window and scare him/her off if that might help - after several scares he/she might decide to leave the window alone...