Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 More Days....

Can you believe it? Just 3 more days and the wedding will be here. Yikes! Lists are being made; piles are being created; and chocolate is being eaten. (One way I cope with stress!!) We had a very nice, quiet Christmas. Steve had to work part of the day, so we kept things low key. Thanks to everyone for your Christmas greetings and for being such an encouragement to me over the past year as I've dabbled in the wonderful world of blogging! It's been fun! I look forward to the coming year as well!

Many of you have asked if K is studying photography, and actually she is! I thought I would share some of the recent photo's she has taken of the kitties next door. Boy, are they getting big!!

Here is little Scotti. What kitty can resist a piece of twine??

And, finally, here is Tess making an exit.

We certainly have had our share of winter this year. Lots of snow, and more in the forecast. Fortunately this Saturday looks like it will be blizzard free, which will be the only Saturday that is true of in the month of December! Sumo LOVES the snow and LOVES to go out in it. Here he is waiting for me to catch up and head out into the back field. You would never know he's almost 12 years old when he gets out in the snow. He jumps and runs and acts like a puppy! He got lots of turkey on Christmas and was quite happy about that. (Some was even covered with gravy!) We haven't broke the news to him yet that he can't come to the wedding. But he has someone fun watching over him, so he'll be happy. (And I'll bring him home a treat!)

I'm not sure if I'll be updating my blog until after the wedding. But I'll have lots to share after that.

Until Next Time.....


rohanknitter said...

Those are some really great pictures.
I'm glad you've got a good forecast for this weekend - I hope everything goes great!! We'll all be looking forward to hearing all the details and seeing some pics!

danielle said...

I always wondered about the photos on your blog. They are BEAUTIFUL... I love the one of the cat exiting on the beam-- the snow falling off is perfect.

Enjoy the wedding! It sounds like your family always has a wonderful time when they're together, so I'm sure it will be a great event! Post tons of pictures!

hakucho said...

wow...I can't believe the wedding is only 3 short days away! Love the pictures and I hope all goes well with the wedding. Will be waiting to hear all about it :) Enjoy!!

AR said...

Lovely pics!

Have a wonderful wedding. How exciting!

Happy New Year!!

Pat said...

Have fun at the wedding. My daughter got married this year and we had a lot of fun.

Caroline said...

Hope all went well with the wedding! I know parts of the midwest are pretty snowy right now. I also know that Midwesterners just cope with it:)

December 29th is a good date to get married. Today is my husband and my anniversary. We've been married 23 years. I have to admit that neither one of us remembered right off how many years it had been this morning. Some days, it seems like eighty. (LOL)

Shelley said...

Well, I guess by now the wedding is over...hope it all went well!

Kirstin does wonderful with her that first cat picture! What kind of camera does she use?

monica said...

what great pictures.
Hope the wedding went well, with no problems. I am sure there will be pictures to come ;) can't wait to see them :)

The snow keeps missing us : ( and I love snow. Hopefully we will et some eventually.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!