Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It is a Winter Wonderland outside my front door. One of those days where every tree branch is covered with frost. And when the sun shines through it, it is breath-taking!

Pictures just don't do it justice!!

Here is a view of our house from partway up our driveway. (It's a long drive.. especially in the winter!) Good thing Steve enjoys plowing it out with his four-wheeler!!

GREAT portrait weather. Unfortunately, the only one who was game was Sumo!!

Wedding and Christmas preparations have us pretty busy these days. How fortunate for me that my kids are so willing to jump in and get it all done... having fun while doing it!! K made the first batch of our very favorite Christmas cookies.. the Cream Wafers. Oh my goodness! I cannot stop eating them!!

We've strung the popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree. I decided to put up our ancient artificial one this year and will shop for a new one after Christmas when they'll be on sale. Between the wedding and our trip, I decided I really didn't want to go with a real one this year. It looks 'ok'. This year, 'ok' will have to do!

Not everyone helped string the popcorn and cranberries.... Some chose to just watch the movie!! I would point fingers and name names, but I happen to have been one of them! First time in dozens of years that I haven't done it. (And the first time in years that Steve DID do it!!) And it was 'ok'!

We're taking time here and there for special treats as well. With K home, she has been treating us to her special homemade latte's. Whip cream is optional, with or without the latte!!

We've also been practicing our dance moves for the big night. I don't know, R & M may decide to ban us all from the dance floor!!

I've been going through stacks and stacks of pictures from years gone by picking out ones for R to use in a DVD for the wedding. Here is one of my favorite pictures of him as a baby. He was less than 24 hours old...can you believe it?? Seems like just yesterday. And now he's getting married. Crazy! Where DID the time go???

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Mitchypoo said...

The frost is beautiful, I remember those mornings! Wow, busy busy for you! But fun too!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty big cheeks for only a day old!
We've had a lot of snow this year and it looks great outside. But I'm not sure it is going to last, it's warming up and raining. Yuck!

Robin said...

We just had one of those beautiful days here Janice. He sure was bright eyed for being so little. He looked like a older baby than that. What a handsome baby he was!!!!

Mitchypoo said...

You've been tagged sweets! Don't hate me! Come see on my blog.

jokir said...

Janice tell me if you prefer the filling with or without the egg yolk. That recipe sounds like just the thing with coffee or cocoa on a cold snowy night.

hakucho said...

Your frost pictures are wonderful!!

"R" was so cute as a baby...I know how you're babies are all growing up, too (none getting married yet...not that I know of anyways ), but if feels like yesterday they were infants. The time went by way to fast and it really scares me when I think too much :)

Good luck preparing for the wedding and yikes...Christmas!!!

Janice said...

jokir-Really any cream frosting that you like would be good in these. I like the one with the egg yolk and haven't fallen ill yet! :-) I do have a new buttercream frosting recipe that I think would work well also! WARNING: They are addictive! (I think I set a new personal record today with # consumed....) Very yummy with cocoa or coffee!!

rohanknitter said...

What beautiful outstide pictures!
We've had bad fog all day and now it looks like that outside - a coating of white on everything.

You guys look like you are all having a ball together. And that baby picture is too sweet. Where DOES the time go?

Anonymous said...

Aren't we taking the same dance lessons? I sure don't remember any moves like the one in that picture. Where are you coming up with this fancy stuff???? No doubt you will out-dance us at the wedding dance (which will be totally OK since you are the groom's parents!)

SwissKnits! said...

Posts like this one is why I LOVE your blog!!!

The frost looks wonderful!! I just love how it looks like diamond dust in real life...

OK, a barrista in your household, hmmmm I'm a bit green with envy. Lucky you!! ;)

And those cookies will have to ba added to my To Do list. Mmmmmmmm

Love the post!!

Anonymous said...

OK Janice..I hope you have a box of tissues by you going through all those photos. Make sure you don't have to be at a facially presentable place tomorrow. My goodness, girl, the tears are flowing down my cheeks and he's not even my child! (but mine's graduating this second baby). Hugs from the Midwest, Christine

monica said...

I love the winter wonderland. Ours is gone already and it was close to 50 today ... crazy weather.

Sumo looks like he is smiling in that picture, he must love the winter wonderland too.

Best of luck with all the wedding preparations!!

Marianne said...

I started this last night, when I got a distress call from my son, who was 2/3 of the way home (150 miles left to go), when he hit a deer. I had to do a bunch of checking to figure out what to do. He is now home safe and sound, thank heavens. The state police said he could drive it the rest of the way home, even though he was missing a headlight. Watch out for wildlife, you all!

I love your winter wonderland! In Michigan, we call that a hoar frost. Sumo looks great!

I can't wait to try your Creme Wafers recipe! They look yummy. Maybe my waistline does not, but I thank you for the recipe!

This is an exciting time in your home, with not just Christmas, but a wedding to get ready for! It looks like you're having a lot of fun and enjoying it all. Have a great time! Merry Christmas!