Friday, December 21, 2007

Off The Needles

Well, I have several projects off my needles and just in need of a few finishing touches. Here is the Vintage Bubble Bag that I had been working on. This is probably one of my favorite felted bag patterns. It is a great size and I am very happy with the length of the straps. I need to decide if I am going to just add a snap, or actually line it and put in a zipper.

I also finished up and felted the Sophie bag I have been working on. I double stranded the yarn on both of these bags, which makes for a larger end product and a very dense fabric...which I like. I may add some embellishments yet to this bag, not sure yet.

With some of the leftover red yarn, I made a bowl from Leigh Radford's One Skein book. I think I know of a perfect home for it.

K and I came over to Galena yesterday to do some knitting and a little shopping. She is currently working on a Leaf afghan for her friend who is getting married next June. It is a great pattern because it is done in strips, so it is quite portable to work on. It is going to be beautiful when it is all done and very warm!

The pattern is free and available here.

While we were here, we went up to the lodge and looked at the yearly edible gingerbread house that they create. They always post a list of the ingredients that were used in creating it.
Over 225 pounds of flour and over 276 pounds of powdered sugar! (Plus lots of other stuff!!)

I love the fireplace that is inside of the house. I am pretty sure the log in the fireplace was NOT edible. It looked pretty real! And even though it is edible, I have to say I was not tempted to take a bite!!

K, however, amused herself by taking pictures in and around the lobby while we waited for the pizza we had ordered to be finished. As per usual, there were the series of 'Self Portraits' when I downloaded the card! I really liked this one taken in the mirror. Good thing the lobby was empty or people might have wondered what she was up to!!

Off to do a little more knitting before we head back home for the weekend. Looks like we are in for another snowstorm this weekend. Perfect weather for getting that last of my Christmas baking done. Before I go, however, I would like to share this link to a UTube clip of 'The 12 Days Of Christmas' that is quite enjoyable. I found it while reading Samantha's blog. Enjoy!

Until Next Time....


Anonymous said...

Wow, that house is incredible!
I really loved the 12 days of Christmas too, Clarabel and I watched it 200 times, at least.

rohanknitter said...

Looks like some really nice projects!

That 12 Days of Christmas is great - I love it. Those guys are really talented.
That last picture of K is super cute!

hakucho said...

Your felted bags are beautiful. The bubble bag is very cute. You are an amazing felted bag maker!

Amazing gingerbread house. I love gingerbread :)

Happy holidays :)

monica said...

Your felted bags turned out fantastic as usual.
What a neat looking gingerbread house. I wouldn't be temoted to nibble on it either.

That is a great picture of K.

Robin said...

I loved the Sophie Bag. I love the pictures that K takes. Is she studying photography?????

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Love the bags! I wish KD and I could've been there knitting with you. Glad you had fun!

I know the PERFECT place for that adorable red bowl. (C'mon - it's red, FPS!)

Sheri fullyawarethatIstilloweyousocks

carolyn said...

I must have missed it - did you post a link to the pattern for the gray and red bag (in your first picture???)

AR said...

Wow, that is some gingerbread house!

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

Marianne said...

Very cool gingerbread house with detailing! It must be huge. And that's a cute picture of Kirsten. I'm glad you two got away for a fun day, knitting and all.

This is getting interesting with storms, usually snow or ice storms, every weekend. We got mainly rain and high winds and warm with the one this weekend here in mid-Michigan. We were glad that it did not get melt off all of our snow, so we will still have a white Christmas. We got about a 1/2 " of fresh powder on top of the refrozen snow and ice last night, so it looks ok.

Have a Very Merry Christmas, Everyone! And I hope the wedding comes off, just as planned! Best Wishes!