Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sumo!

Yes, today is the day. Sumo's birthday. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and a special memory of a pet. It was fun to read all of them! Isn't it amazing how much they become an important part of our lives? I decided that I would use the number 33 (Since Sumo was born on 3/3) to chose who the winner will be.... and it is Knittinghawkeye! It's fun because she is a college student who attends the same University that K goes to!

I had a GREAT weekend away this past weekend with my friends working on scrapbooks. (I did sneak in some knitting!!) We did lots of laughing; lots of eating and had lots of time to talk and catch up with each other. I am so blessed with good friends!! (Even if some of them are a bit strange!) (Note my friend Renae who just HAD to tilt her head to the right, even though we said to the left!!)

We had our share of excitement this weekend! Especially when a squirrel decided to join us in the lodge. Pretty much everyone jumped up onto a chair and starting screaming. I finally realized that the squirrel had made its way into the kitchen, so I trapped him in there and then opened the outside door to freedom. (He fled in a hurry!!)

But came back often to look in on us.

The weekend was over far too quickly and we were packing up and heading for home. It is AMAZING how much stuff we had to haul in for a few days of scrapbooking. Fortunately they had a cart that we could use to go back and forth from the cars.

It's embarrassing to say how many cart loads we had between the 13 of us. All I know is that if everyone took up knitting there would be a lot less that needed hauling!!!

Speaking of knitting, I did get some more done on my 2-tone Lucy bag. I just need to finish up the straps and it will be ready to felt. I then have a black/gray one to make (for my B.F.F. Cheryl) before I move on to another bag pattern. (Which I promise I will!)

Off to spend some time with the birthday boy! Maybe I'll even allow him a rawhide inside! Now that would be a special treat!

Until Next Time..... (when I'll be sharing one of the yummy recipes (that had FROGS in it!) that we had from this past weekend!)


monica said...

I was for sure #33 was supposed to say Monica .... no?? oh well then, congrats Knittinghawkeye!!

Happy B-day Sumo !!!!!

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Sumo!

gaylen said...

Happy Birthday Sumo! I hope you got that rawhide inside where it's warm. g

Anonymous said...

I forgot to enter! I read your post and needed to think about it and didn't remember.

Our puppy's bday is March 1. It would seem I forgot that too.

Love the idea of getting away for a weekend with friends. Can't wait to start that with my team!!

Shelley said...

Sounds like you had a great time with the scrapbooking! I'll have tons to do when I get back to from Korea and from Egypt! I don't have any of my scrapbooking supplies here and I don't want to get any here because then I'd have to bring them back home with me...and I might not have enough room - I mean I'll probably have to have another bag to put the yarn in that I've been getting while here (ordering online that is)

KSee said...

what great pics of your weekend. I bet the squirrel was more scared than you all but what a great picture you captured.

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sumo. I have to say, that I absolutely LOVE my bag you made for me. Thank you so much!

danielle said...

what do you mean... frogs?

happy (belated) birthday sumo!

hakucho said...

I think your squirrel just wanted to join in the fun :)

Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)

carolyn said...

so why are almost all of y'all leaning your heads the same way?
just wondering...