Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Ribbon Cutting.

Well, today was the big day for Steve. They had the 'ribbon cutting' to officially open the new clinic. I was able to sneak away from work to attend. I found him in his new office enjoying his space.

His dad and stepmom were also able to attend. It was a nice event with a few speakers and then a catered lunch and tours of the new office.

Of course they actually did cut a ribbon! The local newspaper was there taking pictures for a story. I'll have to keep my eyes out for it.

After work we went out to eat with R & M for her birthday dinner. (Which is today!) They had gone out to lunch today to a local restaurant called Galleria De Paco where an artist has spray painted the Sistene Chapel onto the ceiling of the restaurant. I guess it is amazing. And they said the food was excellent as well. Now who didn't think that Iowa was an exciting place to visit??

Still no spinning or knitting to show. I did get the first installment of The Loopy Ewe sock club and I LOVE the yarn and the pattern, which was written by my friend Monica. I won't share pictures quite yet, so I don't ruin the surprise of those still waiting for their package. I'll be casting them on this weekend for sure.

The kids' Spring break starts this Friday so A & K will be coming home for over a week. I can't wait to have them home for awhile.

Until Next Time....


Robin said...

I already cast mine on Janice. I think it sat there for maybe 15-20 minutes tops. I am on the second repeat and they are so pretty. I am debating about keeping them or giving them to a really special person that my daughter adores.

rohanknitter said...

Sounds like you are staying plenty busy! I'll bet the sock club goodies are great - I'm looking forward to Sheri's "Don't be Blue" package that she's putting together.
Can't believe it's spring break time already!

monica said...

How exciting for Steve and his partners. He looks happy in his new office, adn do I spy M&M's on the file cabinet? he he he

My kids start spring break this weekend too. They are counting down the hours.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Nice new digs, Schtevie! (I especially like the M&M jar hiding back there. That's for when Janice visits, right?) :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my sons has srping break next week and one the week after (but he lives at home, so it's different...). I can't wait for the younger one to get here tomorrow! But he is bringing his girlfriend (whom I just love) so it means that we only get to have them for half the week, and then they'll go up to NJ to visit her family. But 5 days is better than none by a long shot!

KnittingHawkeye said...

Yeah the package came and was great. I accidnetly and obviously got paragraphs in my newest post wrong. =P Sorry about that!