Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yes, it is officially Spring Break. The kids are home and we are looking forward to having the next 10 days together. And although there is still snow on the ground, there are signs that Spring is coming. In fact, I saw my first Robin yesterday, which is always a highlight. Sumo says the biggest advantage for him has been the thawing of the snow and the revealing of all of his lost bones! Look at the ones he has found and been collecting on his bed. Sumo doesn't really care to chew the bones, he just likes to hold them in his mouth and parade around with them and look macho. And I do think he looks quite proud of his collection.

I don't know if you are aware, but if you click on any of the pictures on my blog, they will be enlarged. For example,when you click on this picture of Steve in his office, you will see the near-empty jar of M&M's on his back file cabinet. But the thing that really makes me laugh about this picture is the laptop that is on Steve's desk. As many of you know, Steve is a Macintosh man through and through, and the laptop is really a PC with a MAC sticker on it! Every time I see it, it makes me laugh. And speaking of Mac laptops, our daughter-in-law got a full time substitute teaching job yesterday which will go until the end of the school year. For the job she was given a laptop, and, you guessed it, it's a Mac!! (Steve was so happy!) I think that made her feel even more a part of our family than actually marrying our son!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the first installment of year 2 of The Loopy Ewe Sock Club. These are the fun goodies that came in it. A pattern called 'Swirls' by Monca; Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn named 'Wind in the Willows'; a large Loopy Ewe Sock Club tote; a bag of Loopy kisses and a large kiss as well. At first glance, one would think the large kiss is chocolate and I know of at least one person who took a large bite of it, only to discover that it is bath salt. Yum! (Not!)

Well, off to finish up some laundry and pack for a quick get away to Galena. My blue/brown Lucy Bag is ready to felt and K and I have some serious knitting we want to get done. And then there are games to play. Will share more when we return.

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Sarah Bloom said...

Just blog surfing and thought I'd say hi! Interesting stuff! :-)

lexa said...

Sumo is a cutie! We just got a dog at the end of January, and she insists on burying and hiding her rawhides. She has my front lawn a mess. She takes the bone-shaped rawhides, hides them, digs them up the next day or so, all muddy and yucky, but she still loves them! I usually have to take them from her before she goes outside or else I know she'll end up digging somewhere. If she can't get outside she hides them in the sofa cushions.

SwissKnits! said...

I love that "Mac" computer... LOL I will be showing my DH... we are a Mac family too!

Yeah for the job!! Congratulations!!

Have fun knitting in Galena. What a nice highlight for the Spring Break!

Loopy Sock Club looks good. Will those be cast on asap? ;)

danielle said...

i LOVE the pc with the mac sticker... that's awesome!!! and that must be a great district to provide her with a laptop-- the district i'm in won't even give us logins.... :)

rohanknitter said...

Sumo and his bones are a riot. We have the same type of thing with Ewoyn (the livestock dog) because she loses all her bones and toys in the straw. She doesn't really ever find them though, they just get taken out when the bedding in the stalls is all changed!

I'm sure you'll have a great time with your kids home!
(the pc with the mac sticker is a riot)

Caroline said...

Sumo's bones don't look disgusting like our little "bone horder's" do. She buries them, and then wants to bring them in the house when she re-discovers them.

Love the Mac PC.

monica said...

Yay for Sumo being able to find his prized bones. Now that we have had a good snow, I am happy to see the tulips popping up through the ground

Thanks for posting the picture of the sock club, the yarn is gorgeous.

Have a great trip and enjoy your time with the kids over spring break

Karen said...

I can put a picture of my test knit of the Loopy Sock Club pattern up now. Love that CTH that yours will be knit in, I'm using Sheldridge Farms in Crocus for mine. Have fun on "your" spring break.