Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Settling Down....

Well, things have settled down a bit since our excitement on Monday. R finished up his internship yesterday and Steve and A made the drive to Omaha yesterday afternoon to pick him up and bring him home! It was so good to give him a big hug after all he'd been through. My mind can still wander to the 'what if's' but I try not to let it linger there!!! What does linger is the pile of paperwork that must now be filled out to file our insurance claim. Yikes!

The paperwork came in the mail today, but it was NOT the first thing I opened!! The first thing I opened was this box for the Dishrag Tag! I am a member of Team #4 - the Ragtag Racers. What is a Dishrag Tag you ask??

Dishrag tag is a game of tag composed of teams which each have 12 knitters on it from across the country. In turn, each team member receives this little box that contains: 1 knit dishcoth; 1 skein of yarn to knit a dishcloth with; an official dishrag tag pattern; instructions and possibly, just possibly a treat of two!! The goal is to unpack and keep the knit cloth and goodies; knit a dishcloth with the yarn and pattern provided ASAP; repack the box with the knit cloth; a new skein of yarn; the instructions and pattern; and a goody or two and mail it to the next team member!

I received this box today in the mail from Alaina at approximately 11:43 a.m. I quickly unpacked the contents; ate a dove chocolate for energy and cast on. 2 hours later the cloth was done and I was ready to print off the mailing label; repack the box with the cloth; yarn and maybe, just maybe, some chocolate and headed to the post office. (Did I mention I want our team to WIN!!)
It's off to Diane in Missouri. 2 knitters down; 10 to go. First team of 12 to finish and get the box back to the starting point wins. Too fun!!

Now, I must get back to my Wollmeise scarf. I am coming to the sad realization that I will not have this scarf finished by the time the Olympics are over. I knew I was thinking big... but with the craziness of life, my knitting time is pretty limited. Whatever the case, I am LOVING this colorway!!! I see lots of these scarves in my future!

I did finish this scarf and just need to wash and block it. I love this pattern and this yarn. I have the same yarn in a blue colorway that I may need to cast on next since I will be giving this scarf away.

M had her first day of students today in her new 3rd grade teaching position. I'm very excited to hear how it went. I have a friend who has a friend who makes cookie bouquets and I had this one made up for her. It turned out adorable!!! I know she is going to be an INCREDIBLE teacher! We are just so proud of her! My nephew also had his first day of teaching today in Fairbanks Alaska!!! He has a blog of his adventure that you can check out here if you'd like. We are very proud of him as well!!!

Off to cook dinner. Not sure if R & M are joining us or not. We're having fajitas. Yum!

Until Next Time.....


Pat said...

Janice that cookie bouquet is adorable. I wish I would have seen the dishcloth race, it sounds like a lot of fun.

danielle said...

the dishcloth race is hysterical! your team is lucky to have such a dedicated player.

the cookie bouquet was a great idea-- she must be so excited!

Alaina said...

Love the cookies ;)

Glad you liked the treats...we all need a little chocolate (for energy!)

Go Team Ragtag Racers!!!

Mary said...

I am so glad that your son is doing well after that car fire.What a scare!
I checked out the link to your nephew's blog and was absolutely awestruck by his photographs.I wish him all the best and will follow his adventures in Alaska.
You must be so proud to have 2 teachers starting out this year.

rohanknitter said...

Love the cookie bouquet, that is really sweet of you! The scarves are so pretty! I am trying to finish a scarf for ravelypmics but I don't think I'll make it as we have guests coming for the weekend.
Yay dishrag tag, I'm on team # 14!!

Allison said...

You just take your time and make sure you make a really nice Dish Rag for your team mate.

stitching under oaks said...

Wow after the excitement of your son's car episode you sure did focus on that dishcloth. I'm so glad he is safe!Great job on your speedy knitting! Go Ragtag racers! By the way I love the cookie bouquet.

Bonnie D. said...

So many things to comment on, Janice! First of all, YIKEs! I am so glad your son is safe. How scary.

Great job on your Dishrag challenge! I didn't participate this year and I am enjoying watching others "play"!

The cookie bouquet is gorgeous and I'm sure she will love it. I received my first one when my now 14 year old son was born and they have remained a favorite!

And finally, thanks for mentioning fajitas! I haven't made those in ages and I happen to have some chicken in the fridge that I need to use up tonight. Perfect!!

A :-) said...

I'm doing Dishrag Tag too!!! Team 23, the Rag-Taggers :-D How fun! Those cookies look really yummy. What pattern is the Wollmeise scarf?

hakucho said...

Good luck to your team in dishrag tag. If everyone on the team is as fast as you I'm sure it will be a big win :)

Love that cookie bouquet. Lots of good luck to M :)

Both scarves are beautiful. Life sure gets in the way of our knitting some times...happy knitting :)

Lovs2Knit said...

I'm hoping to get into the next dishrag tag. It looks like a lot of fun.

The scarves are looking great. I'm counting down the days till it's cold enough for me to wear the one you made me. :)

Robin said...

The scarves are looking great. I probably won't get my Ravelympics projects done. I should get the socks done but the sweater I think is a wash. The bouquet was a nice thing to do for M. I saw the Mrs. Riggs and thought of you at first.

AR said...

I hate paperwork! Yay for the dishrag tag, and the teachers in the family, though. :)