Friday, August 22, 2008


Yes, I know it's always been TNT Thursday, but I can't seem to get my posts done on Thursday, so I changed it to Friday. I can do that. I thought I would let you know a little more about the Poker Run our team is doing tomorrow. I've spent a good part of the last couple of days getting ready for it. One of the things we all needed to do was to make 'memory boards' to have at the different stops. Here are the boards that I've been working on....

The first is a board I made which will sit outside the restaurant that we are having registration at and will be the starting point of the 'race'. Turns out there is a big 'Panther on Main' event tomorrow which should draw hundreds of UNI students who may be interested in registering for the race. I've ordered some balloons to tie on to it as well.

The second board is our memory board that is basically an enlarged version of our support letter which highlights the 3 special people who Steve and I are running in memory of: David; Barb and Lindsay. Steve will have this board at the stop that he will be at and will be able to explain more to people the purpose of Team in Training and why we run!

For the last board, I decided I wanted to have an emphasis on the importance of giving blood and what a source of life that is, especially to those who suffer from a blood cancer like leukemia and lymphoma! I stopped at both the American Red Cross and the Blood Center and got information for people on giving blood. I especially would encourage people to look into Apheresis.. which is a special kind of blood donation where they basically just take the platelets from your blood and give the rest back to you. Platelets are especially needed in those with blood cancer. I remember being able to watch Lindsay perk up and the color return to her cheeks when she received a unit of platelets. Almost like magic. If you've never looked into it, call your local Red Cross center or Blood center today!!

Everyone who registers receives this t-shirt, which I think turned out very cute. The colors are the same colors as our local University (UNI) which should be a big hit!

A close up of the front:

Basically the way a Poker Run works is that people register and receive a map of the 9 stops along our 'course'. At each stop they receive a marked card. With the 9 cards they get, they come up with their best poker hand and the winner wins this: A 4GB Ipod Nano. Now people also have the option to purchase additional random cards at one location to better their chance. Sounds fun. We hope it will be fun for all who come and a big success for the team.

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AR said...

Very neat! That sounds like a fun way to help out a charity. Nice prize for the poker winner, too.

Jknits said...

I hope the registration went well - the boards looked great. What an important personal testimony you have to add.