Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back To 3rd Grade!

I got a call the other day from M asking if I could come help in her 3rd grade class. They had been to a pumpkin farm and she now had 23 3rd graders that needed help cutting the tops off their pumpkins and counting the seeds etc.. I didn't know there were so many math lessons you could teach with a pumpkin!! It was so fun to meet M's students and to see her in her classroom! She is a natural teacher and you can tell that the students and staff all love her!!

R was also recruited to help since he doesn't have classes on Friday. He has always been great with kids and seemed quite natural in the classroom as well. This particular little boy told me I looked as young as his teacher!! I think he was my favorite student......

I got a box from The Loopy Ewe with a few skeins of yarn; a go knit pouch and a fun sock pattern. I purchased two new yarns this time... a skein of Perfect Day yarn in Night Tide. This is dyed by Sarah who I met at the Spring Fling. I love the combination of blue/gray and white in this skein. The other skein is Numma Numma saucy in the Saturday Shoe Shopping colorway. This is dyed by another gal, Allen, who was also at the Fling. Yes, I am often drawn to blues.. why do you ask?

Sophie thought the best part was the box that she killed and destroyed! She is just very lucky that I had already emptied it of my treasures!

I have cast on a new project... A pair of Fetching fingerless mitts for K in Berroco Touche. It is 100% cotton, which I am hoping her hands will be able to handle. We figured out a little late last year that her skin was quite sensitive to wool. I was hoping to have these done this weekend, but it took me several attempts to get the right needle size. I think I'm on track now, though!! K is coming home in a few hours and I'm looking forward to some knitting time while she's here. Who knows.. I may get them done yet!

Sumo has started playing for short periods of time with Sophie!! I think it may be a major break through!! (Ok, it may look like they are fighting, but trust me, this is playing!!)

In the end, Sophie goes overboard trying to lick Sumo's face, which is a sign of submission in dogs. She gets a bit carried away, however, and then can't seem to help herself and takes a little nibble of his ear. Too funny. She was over 30 pounds at the vet the other day, so has doubled her weight since we got her! No wonder she is looking so big!!

Well, only a few hours and K will be home! Better get a few things done so I can enjoy the few short hours that she'll be here!!

Until Next Time.....


hakucho said...

What fun it must have been going back to 3rd grade :)

K will love her fingerless mitts...the cotton will be fine I'm sure!

happy knitting :)

rohanknitter said...

Wow, that looks like a fun but messy class project! I got a package from Loopy today too, also with some Perfect DAy yarn in it. I got Blustery Autumn day, altho I almost picked the one you got - it was so hard to choose one! The fingerless mitts look so pretty!

Jean said...

The fingerless mitts are very nice and I am sure will be well received. The puppy is so cute (which will aide her greatly in when her puppy antics really kick in). The first two years with my
Standard Poodles was a little difficult, but they grew into magnificient and very intelligent dogs.

Shelley said...

Oh, I love the yarn you got from TLE! How fun to go help out in the classroom. I've started my observation this past Friday (I can only go once a week) and got to help out a little. I'm not supposed to teach yet, but I can still do things to help out. I'm in a grade 2 class, and one little boy came up to me about two hours into things and welcomed me to the school. A little later he asked me what I thought of him doing that. I told him it was great and he was the only one who had done that for me. He was very proud of himself afterwards! Cute little fella.

Marianne said...

I love the fingerless mitts, and I'm sure that K will, too!

It is so much fun working with young children in the classroom on fall projects, like the pumpkin math things, etc! My guys did that when they were in elementary school, too. I went in as a parent to help their teachers with things like that. Kids that age are darling. How cool that she asked both you & son to help in her classroom that day! :-)

My goodness, Miss Sophie is growing like a weed! She is so cute! Please keep the puppy picts & stories coming! :-)

monica said...

I remeber helping with the pumpkin activities with my youngest when she was in 3rd grade. Weighing and measuring and counting seeds. And we also found out she was allergic to pumpkin slime. She broke out in hives and welts.

Your yarn looks lovely. Can't wait to see it knit up

Sumo and Sophie are adorable as always.

marit said...

The classroomadventures looks like lots of fun:-)
Sophie is adorable!