Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Once More

Another week is here! It's hard to believe that we have now had Sophie for 5 weeks! She certainly has livened things up around here!!! She can look so cute and innocent at times
But she has her moments!!!!

Like yesterday when Steve didn't quite have his bowl far enough in on the table. We are working on her jumping up on furniture but it's a hard habit to break. And as she gets bigger, the further we have to move objects in on tables, counters, etc.. Good thing we're trainable as well! (Oh, and Sophie was VERY willing to 'help' Steve clean up the mess!!)

She has a favorite toy that her friend Molly next door gave her to play with. We call it 'Mr Quacking Duckhead' because that is what it is. When Sophie bites the head, the toy does 3 series of 8 quacks. And if she keeps biting it the quacks never stop! At first we deemed it an 'outside' toy, but were told we were 'killjoys' and so it is now an inside toy. It does keep her entertained for long periods of time!

She loves to sit in and run through this end table. I really think it is a mini-den to her. Many times she will sit in the end table and have a barking match with Sumo. This goes on until we kick them both outside for making too much noise!!

Running and being outside are still her favorite things to do. I'm looking forward to next Spring when she will be big enough to join me on my runs.

In knitting news, I haven't been doing much. I have made a little progress on my Vikings bag and have a stack of patterns on the table that I would like to cast on. I wish Sophie wasn't quite so 'helpful' when I was knitting!!

We drove down Friday and spent some time with K and her boyfriend SC. With her work and class schedule (and not having a car) she hasn't been able to come home this fall which has been hard. I brought down a big bin of yarn for her to 'shop' through and she picked out some fun ones for some projects she wanted to start. Just wish we could have curled up and done some knitting while we were there. I guess I'll just have to wait for Thanksgiving break!

It was a fun week last week package wise as well! The first package that came contained my new friend, Cosmos, who came all the way from Europe to join his pal, Pablo. They are both knit by Julie. She knits the most amazing toys and they are virtually impossible to purchase because of the demand. I was up early one Sunday and my computer made it's little sound indicating a blog/shop update and when I checked, Julie had put up 2 toys on her Etsy shop and they were still available! I was so excited! You can bet that these two toys are WAY out of Sophie's jump range!!

The next package was a complete surprise! My friend Allison in California sent me a hat that she knit with the colorway that was named after me - 'Janice's Sunshine in Winter' and that matches the socks I made with the same yarn. It was so sweet of her to do that!! I never thought when I started this blog that it would lead to some wonderful friendships with people around the world!! Thanks Allison for making my day!! (Oh, and the card is one of the many beautiful photos that Allison takes and blesses us with on her photo blog!!)

Until Next Time....


Allison said...

Oh yeah - I'm glad you got it! I hope it fits alright. Good luck training Sophie - that's always the hard part!

rohanknitter said...

Aww, the hat is really pretty, how sweet! You were really lucky to get one of the Little Cotton Rabbits toys, they are beyond adorable. I'll bet things ARE lively with Sophie around! We always had to watch how close plates were to the edge of the table with Abe - Max has no hope though, hahaha.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Awww - so nice to see a pictur of K! And the hat is beautiful - I love how it knit up. :-)

How do you get anything done if your computer dings when blogs/shops updates? I'd be forever clicking over to something. (But then again, I'm distractable that way...)

Bonnie D. said...

Great hat! And great yarn! lol. Allison is so sweet to surprise you with that package! You guys are both the best!

I still think about the biscotti package you surprised me with that time. It remains a very special memory to me!!

Shelley said...

Sophie is growing by leaps and bounds! She's so darn cute!

Those little toys are so cute - yours, not Sophie's, lol.

The had your friend send you is very lovely! Such a sunny colourway too! Reminds me of a sunny sky.

Lovs2Knit said...

Sophie is getting so big. Congrats on reaching your fund raising goals!

Jean said...

Puppies are adorable, but trying, it took quite awhile (the first year I thought was the worst, then the terrible 2's hit). Now I have three wonderful Standard Poodles that I love very much. FYI Deer antlers are a very safe thing for your dog to chew (mine still use them). They do not splinter or get stuck in their intestines like cow hide chews.Also provides good minerals for them.

hakucho said...

Sophie is getting so big. Can't believe how fast she is growing!! Love the hat that Allison made for you :) That is so awesome that you have a colorway named after you!!

happy knitting :)