Saturday, November 01, 2008

Is it really November?

Well, it's been quite a week! It's always hard to try and get caught up with everything, even when you are only gone for a short time! Sophie thought that we should give her all of our attention and prefers to play fetch, thank you very much!

It's amazing how wide Sophie can open her mouth!!! If you could zoom in on her teeth, you would see that her big girl teeth are coming in quickly and some of the puppy teeth are coming out. This is VERY GOOD news! There will be less biting and chewing when she is done teething!!

Hoover continues to monitor what we do on this side of the fence, but I'm not convinced that he can really see anything!! His eyes are a little tricky to find!! (Truth be told it reminds me of how some kids used to wear their hair when I was in junior high!)

Sumo will watch Sophie for short periods of time, but only from the comfort of his bed on the front porch. I would say that Sumo spends a good 12 hours a day, when it is nice out, on this bed. He's got a great view of everything that goes on in the front of the house and can keep track of when we come and when we go.

We started a new project this week... an official fire ring in the back yard for bonfires. (By 'we' I mean the company that we hired to put in the bonfire pit!) We still have some work to do on it (By 'we' I mean Steve this time....) as he has to re-lay the sod around the edge and put some stone pavers around the metal fire ring. R is planning on having a group out Friday night to initiate it. I think we are going to get a lot of use out of it!!

We (by 'we' I mean Steve....) put the flags in the ground and are ready to start training Sophie to our underground fence. She will be 4 months old this week, and we think ready to learn. The fence goes under about 5 acres of our property and has been one of the best investments we made after we moved out here. It's wonderful to be able to let the dogs out and not worry if they are running away or, worse, up on the road.

Sophie hasn't known quite what to think as the flags have gone in. Hmmm, maybe some new kind of game? I think that training will start tomorrow. (Sumo remembers the flags well and is keeping his distance!!!)

The other excitement of the week was an all day tax seminar on Friday that I got to go to. I know, you are all very jealous!! My reward was that I got to stop and see K on the way home and even curl up and watch a movie with her and her room mate.

Been having some back issues and have not been able to run until my MRI on Monday. (Doctor's orders....) I'm hoping I get the all clear to strap on my tennis shoes again!! Marathon is two weeks from tomorrow!! Yikes!!

Until Next Time....


KSee said...

Gee, she sure looks older than 4 months. That sure is going to be a great fire pit. Look forward to the future pics of it getting lit up

Robin said...

The fire ring looks really neat. What a cool thing to put in. Hope Sophie trains quickly with the fence. Hope the MRI goes well and they find nothing wrong.

A :-) said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're having some more physical issues. I know you must be getting anxious about the marathon. Don't worry. If you have to, you can walk it. It will just take a little longer :-) Sophie is growing by leaps and bounds, isn't she?!