Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week in Review

First off, I want to wish my mom a VERY Happy Birthday!!

Next I thought I would just do the week in review. (Hard to believe it's been over a week since my last post!!!) Sophie experienced her first snow this past week. There wasn't much of it, and it didn't last long, but she had fun!! I think she will LOVE it when we get enough to cover the ground and really have fun in!

The kids were around for a good part of the weekend which is always fun. We decided it was time for the great American deviled egg cook-off. Both A and his girlfriend make them and wanted to have a friendly little taste test contest. So we boiled up 18 eggs and they each had 9 to work with. A worked at the counter....

While CB worked at the kitchen table. She was at a slight disadvantage because all we had was Zinger pickle juice and she usually uses sweet pickle juice in her recipe. (Of course being a Zinger fan, I thought it was really an advantage.....)

The result was a plateful of delicious deviled eggs and us crowning them King and Queen of deviled eggs!

In the meantime, R & M curled up on the couch and M read while the rest of us watched the Vikings-Packers game. (Go Vikings!!!) The Vikings winning was certainly a nice touch to the day. (I think the Bears lost.... sorry Tim!) I believe that makes the Vikings tied for first in their division. Is that right?

I have been knitting some. Mostly working on some felted bowls for a neat event that my friend and neighbor is planning for the first weekend of December.

She is having a one day Holiday event in her home where a bunch of us who make gift items can display/demonstrate/sell to those looking for neat Christmas gifts or 'just because' gifts. It's going to be a fun day! My mom is coming for it with her wheat weaving and M will be there with her jewelry and K is going to be there helping me demonstrate Lefse making. (I've hid the address for privacy reasons since this is out on the web, but if you'd like to come, just email me and I'm happy to send you directions!!!)

In the meantime, Sophie stands with a toy in her mouth just hoping that someone will want to chase her and try to take it from her. That is her very favorite game!! She is now trained to the fence and is able to go outside on her own. She also now has run of the house and is doing quite well with that. I think the worst of the puppy stage is over!!

Well, only a few more days until the marathon!! Right now both Steve and I are feeling pretty good and ready for race day. Not sure how we will feel AFTER race day, but that's ok. We've got lots of time to recover. We found this sign on our last trip to Galena which pretty much sums things up for us. We've had a few parts wear out on us during this training alone!!! I'm not sure if I'll post again before the race, but will try to post something as soon as I can after the race. Thanks again for all of the support and encouragement. Now to just run strong.....

Until Next Time....


A :-) said...

Thinking of you as you head to the race and know that you will finish!! Yay!!

Can't believe how big Sophie is getting. She is certainly a pretty girl, and smart, too, to be trained to the fence so quickly.

I think I'm making Calico Bean Dip again this weekend :-)

Have a great race!!

Lynn said...

Good luck with your race! I know you're going to do great. Enjoy every step!

Marianne said...

Sophie is growing up fast; she is so cute! It is so much fun for puppies in the snow! I wonder what she will think of the snow when it gets deep? She has long legs, so it shouldn't bother her as much as it does my smaller guys, who hop like bunnies in the deep, fluffy snow. We end up having to shovel paths for them in the backyard if it gets too deep, sigh! I hope that's a long while from now!

Wishing you both the very best in your marathon! Good luck!

Allison said...

But she's reading The Secret Life of Bees isn't she? Can't put that one down. I can't believe how big Sophie is getting and she looks so cute in the snow! Wish I could come to your holiday fair.

monica said...

Best of luck in the Marathon to both of you
Now I want some deviled eggs..... yummmm

Wow, Sophie has grown so much. She is a beautiful dog.

Jolynn said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Allison! I loved that book! ^_^

Sophie is getting sooo BIG!

Robin said...

Good luck at the race. I hope you have safe travels and have a good time. Tell Steve to have fun too.

rohanknitter said...

Max loves the same game as Sophie, he always wants to play chase with his rope bone!

The Holiday event sounds really neat, I wish I could go!

Praying for your race to go well and all your "parts" to hold together, : )
I'm sure you guys will do great!!!

Jean said...

Just to see the wonder in which puppies look at things it such a joyful experience. She looks like she is adapting so well, just remember they can be full of surprises (some not so fun), especially during the first two years. I've been thru it with my three Standards, but wouldn't have traded if for the world. They bring so much happiness into my life.

HappyTrails said...

Go, Janice! Have a great race and savor every moment!