Wednesday, November 26, 2008

San Antonio - Part 3

Ok, I know that it has been a week since I last posted. Life has been very busy (in a very good way) and I just haven't had time to sit down at the computer. I have a few minutes this morning before I have to get started on our Thanksgiving dinner, so I thought I would finish my San Antonio posting.

We spent a good deal of our free time along the Riverwalk that San Antonio is famous for. Our hotel sat right on it, which made it easy to enjoy. If you have never been to San Antonio, I highly recommend it!

Steve and I stop for one of many photos that we took along the riverwalk. There are so many picturesque spots.

Mostly we just enjoyed walking along the river and doing some shoppping and trying to decide where we should eat our next meal!

We always enjoy trying new restaurants and new foods while we are traveling. We were especially looking forward to some good fajitas and guacamole down in San Antonio. We thought this looked like a promising place as we strolled along the riverwalk.

We ordered fresh guacamole and they came and made it right at our table. The boys were watching with special interest as they often make home made guacamole and wanted to take notes.

It was wonderful. Two ingredients he added that were really good were fresh orange and cilantro. Yum! I could have eaten this whole bowl by myself!!

We also visited the Alamo (of course!) San Antonio is rich in history.

We did some shopping as well. We found a few treasures to bring home, but mostly we just looked.

Sunday night (after the marathon) we went to 'Howl at the Moon' which both Steve and M had heard about. It is a dueling piano bar and the musicians were AMAZING!! It was a very fun show, for the most part. Occasionally it got a little to crude for our taste, but we still enjoyed it very much. We didn't stay real late as we were pretty beat!

We also took the trolley down to the Old Market and looked around there and had a meal at one of the restaurants Steve and I had eaten at during our previous trips to San Antonio. Yummy fajitas and soppapillas. We certainly did not lose any weight on this trip, despite running 26.2 miles!!! But we had a marvelous trip.

I will end with a few of the 'professional' shots that were taken while we ran the marathon. This is my very favorite. Isn't it a GREAT shot of Steve?

This one isn't as good of me, but it's not bad. I look like I'm moving in a forward motion, which is good!

One of us crossing the finish line! Yeah! We made it!

And finally, with our medals.

That about does it. Next post will be of puppies and people. (Sumo and Sophie and the kids!) Be prepared for how big Sophie has gotten. She no longer looks like a puppy. I think if you look at her long enough she will grow right in front of your eyes. (6 cups of food a day will do that, I think!!) Stay tuned.

Until Next Time....


Petunia said...

Great post and pictures! Thanks for all you did. I lost a family member to Leukemia in 1969 - there was little they could do back then. Your efforts help bring the changes.

A :-) said...

You know - I gotta say that it looks like you didn't even break a sweat! My face would have been tomato red and my hair soaking wet. All your hard work and training served you well! Congratulations again :-) And Happy Thanksgiving!

rohanknitter said...

Great pictures!! mmm, that guacamole looks so good, I love it with a little cilantro in it. The guy making it looks like he should be wearing an apron though, with that nice white shirt on, lol.

Robin said...

Love the holding hands. I think it is great to see two people that you can tell are married hold hands. I think you both looked great running. Good Job Again.