Monday, October 05, 2009


Well, it is Monday again and I am looking back and realizing that much has happened since my last post.

First, however, I must put a plug out there for my football team, the Minnesota Vikings!!! Tonight is a BIG GAME - going against the Packers with Brett Favre facing the green and yellow in purple. I know his return to football is controversial, but the guy just loves to play, so I say let him play!! And if he's wearing purple, then I will be cheering for him! And as Sophie demonstrates, we will be cheering against the Packers. Sorry Packer fans!

Sumo really won't be doing much cheering at all. This is pretty much the position he will be in. In fact, he is often in this position if you stop by. He may get up to greet you, but more than likely not. That's ok. Sophie greets enough for the two of them!

The last few weeks have been very busy for K with the article about her 'As You Wish' Bakery business coming out in the paper. If you haven't visited her website, you should!! Just click here. Steve and K have been working hard getting it set up. The incredible pictures are possible because of the incredible light box our friend Paul made for K. Sorry we haven't figured out how to make the cupcakes come out of your computer screen!
(Visit her blog here).

Steve celebrated a birthday last week. I surprised him with a little utility trailer that he has wanted. He really liked it. I'm glad. Tools, trailers and trucks. They're guy things, I guess...

We headed to Des Moines to see WICKED to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately at the last moment he got called to an emergency and wasn't able to go. Very disappointing!! We still had a good time, and I promised him we'd head to Chicago sometime and see it again.

To celebrate we had dinner at a local Irish pub where R & M's friend is the chef. It was very yummy!!! We will definitely be going back!

This past weekend, Steve and I made the 7 hour drive to see my folks in Western Minnesota. Had a great visit, but forgot to get my camera out often enough! We did take a few pictures when we went out to my brothers place. The first was of these beautiful horses that belong to my cousin.

Steve took the liberty of sitting in my brothers Smart car. These things are so cute. Both he and his girlfriend have one.

And I got to meet their sweet little poodle puppy, Millie. What a doll! They are planning on breeding Golden Doodles in the near future. I wonder if Sophie will want a play mate by then? They may be too cute to resist!!!!!

Back home now and ready for another week.

Until Next Time....


Anonymous said...

Your Wisconsin readers say "GO PACK GO!!!" :) Lots happening at your house - fun to read about!


A :-) said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Wicked, which ran for about three years here, closed earlier this year :-( I'm sure it will be back through on tour, though, it's such a wonderful show. I saw it twice and would definitely see it again.

And I'm a Bears fan, so I'm with Sophie on the Packers :-D

Caryn said...

Go Vikings!! Touchdown!!!!!!!! YES!
27 to 14!!

Happy Birthday to Steve (is he getting ready to help us in the next flood with his new trailer!!)

Love you guys!!