Monday, November 27, 2006

Back To 'Normal'

Well, Thanksgiving break is over; the boys are back to school; Kirstin is feeling better and went to school as well; Aliya is back from a visit to her parents in Chicago; so I guess you could say that things are back to 'normal'. It was great having the 5 of us together for a very long weekend.. it has been awhile. Ryan studied in England last year so he was not around for any of the Holidays. It felt so good to all be together.

We worked on taking some family photos for a Christmas card... We got a couple that could work, so I hope to have them in the mail next week. I have been a bit delinquent in sending out Christmas cards and want to be sure to get them out early this year! I love hearing from family and friends from around the world during the Holidays.

I was very proud of Nikko and Sumo for how well they did in the photo. They usually don't like to sit and have their picture taken.. especially Nikko. (The one on the left). They have been the greatest dogs!! They are brother and sister from different litters. Nikko is 11 and Sumo is 10.

I did get some knitting done over break as well. Two bags actually. (Well, almost two bags. Ran out of yarn on one of them. Bummer)
Both bags were new for me, which is always fun to try a new pattern. The first is called the Romantic Ruffle. (The pattern can be found here in PDF format)
I need more yarn to do the handle, but the rest of the purse is ready to felt. I used Lambs Pride Bulky in Pistachio.

The second bag is the Fiber Trends Gelato pattern. This was a fun pattern to knit and I can't wait for it to dry. I can see many more of these in my knitting future!! (Knit with Galway Highland Heather and Plymouth Outback Mohair)
Here it is before felting:

And here it is after a date with my washing machine:

Needs a button. Story of my life.

I leave you with this fun picture of me and my boys. They are becoming such fine young men. I'm very proud of both of them.

They make me smile :-)

Until next time.....


TeAntae said...

What a handsome family. You've got great looking kids. Just one question after looking at that last pictures with the boys... HOW TALL IS YOUR HUSBAND!?! Jeez!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Those boys - and girl - make me smile, too! (You do, however, look awfully short there....)

Love the new bags. When are you going to sell them online so that I can buy some??

Janice said...

:-) Hubby is 6'2". And yes, the boys got his height!! Even my daughter surpassed me by 3" which I am glad for. Although, I must go on record that 5'4" is NOT SHORT!
Oh, and Sheri at the Loopy ewe.. I would trade bags for socks.....

Rohanknitter said...

What great pics! I always think how strange it'll be when my boys are all taller than me. (like your last pic)
The 14 yr old is 5ft6inches, so he's gaining on me......

AR said...

Grat family photos. I like the one with just the three kids. Cute. The one with you and the boys is really cute, too. You're a lucky mommy!

Janice said...

I am a lucky mommy :-)

Heidi said...

You have the sweetest family!!! I get teary-eyed looking at the pictures. You can really feel the closeness between you guys.

Love your Gelato bag, I have that pattern but have yet to make one. I saw one done up in a shop on our trip, LOVED it. Gotta make one one of these days.

Your blog is one my favourites, you start to feel like one of the family, LOL! :-)

Heidi said...

I thought I'd respond here about Fair Isle: I'm a continental knitter but I used the video clip about two-handed fair isle at the Philosopher's Wool website ( )to learn how to hold 2 different yarns, one in each hand. It was weird at first, but now it's pretty natural to me. You could master it for a joke!

I'm working on another one at the moment, I have high hopes for it.

Look, if you ever find yourself on this side of the continent, you'll HAVE to come for a visit!! I'll take you to our LYS, which isn't exactly local, it's 40 minutes away...but it's worth it. It's a knitter's earthly heaven!

Joy said...

So many great pics on your blog. I love the Xmas photos and can't decide which one I like better. Your kids look like stars! Both pics are great and it's wonderful to see the dogs too! Also wow! The felted bags and clogs are just so pretty. Your clog pic makes me want to finish the second one as I only have one made and of course you need a pair.