Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hi Ho... Hi Ho... It's Off To (KNIT) Crop I Go.....

Well, my bags are packed and in just a few hours I will be on my way to my annual fall scrapbooking retreat in Minnesota!! Each fall, I travel north to a friends cabin where we spend 5 days working on scrapbooks; laughing; eating; talking; eating etc... THIS YEAR I have snuck quite a bit of knitting in amongst my scrapbook things!! I imagine I will divide my time between the two. (What we DO is not as important as the laughing; eating; talking eating part!!) My family is wonderful in encouraging me and my weekends with my girlfriends. (I do this again in the spring as well.. lucky me!!)

As far as knitting goes, I am hoping to finish my RunAmok KnotSewHobo bag for my Bag-A-Holic KAL as well as several other projects.
Here it sits outside of it's home, my wonderful knitting bag from Green Mountain Knitting bags.

I absolutely adore this bag and have it in the car with me almost all the time for my 'emergency knitting' moments!! (You know the moments... Had one just today when I was getting my haircut and highlighted....)

When I am not knitting, I will be working on my photo album of our trip to England in April. I was hoping to work on my daughters album (since she is graduating this year...) but couldn't get everything ready, so I will save that for my spring getaway.

Wanted to leave you with probably my most requested recipe.. my calico bean dip. (Which I have made up and ready to go for the weekend) It is one of my favorite snack foods. MMMMM, can't wait to dig in!

Calico Bean Dip

1 can Black Beans
1 can Blackeye Peas
1 can whole kernel White corn
2 cans petite diced tomatoes

1. Drain and rinse all. Mix together.
2. Cut up 1-2 bunches of green onions. Add to bean mixture.
3. Chop up about 1/2 bunch of cilantro. Add to bean mixture.
4. Pour in about 8 oz. of fat free Italian dressing. (I like Wishbone Fat Free Italian)
5. Mix all together and marinate overnight (or at least 4 hours.)
7. Serve with Tostito Scoop chips.


Until next time....
(which may be awhile....)


hakucho said...

Have a wonderful trip!
Happy knitting and scrapbooking :)

Bonnie D. said...

You lucky duck! Have a fabulous long weekend.

I have also made that dip and love love it! (I am munching on a biscotti as I type!!!!)

Rohanknitter said...

sounds like a blast!!
have fun!!!

AR said...

Sounds like fun. Have a blast. Thanks for the recipe.

KarynLeigh said...

where did you find the pattern for the RunAmokKnotSewHobo bag?
I'm a first time reader, your just a click away from the Loopyewe.
Thnks ;o)

Heidi said...

Your weekend sounds like such fun!!! A girl's gotta have these things once in a while. Yum yum yum on your recipe! Thanks!

Janice said...

HI all! I am back and had a FABULOUS weekend away!! Will post more tomorrow.
Oh, and karynleigh, the RunAmokKnotSewHobo bag is the bag of the month at my Bag-A-holic KAL... come join us!! (link button is on the sidebar of my blog)