Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! We are especially thankful for the twinkle that is back in our daughters eyes today after several weeks of being ill. As you may know, she did end up in the hospital after I took her in Monday morning. I was told that we had 'failed outpatient home therapy'. Ouch. We failed. (The doctor did reassure me we had not failed parenthood in general... and then did go so far as to say that our daughter 'had failed to respond to outpatient home therapy', which somehow made me feel better!!) Anyways. She was admitted for 24 hours where the IV pump became her new best friend and pumped her full of fluids and strong antibiotics. She came home Tuesday and has felt better every day. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. The flowers and balloons she recieved really brighten up the family room where she has been parked on the couch recovering!!

Today is one of the eating days that my family looks forward to every year. The eating of the lefse. My oldest son Ryan and his friend Mallory came Wednesday morning to roll out the lefse. It was a huge help. They did great for the most part...

...until they started using the sticks as weapons. Time to intervene and take away the sticks!!

They did manage to finish rolling out the dough and made quite a nice stack of lefse.

Mallory took some home to share with her family. Interesting to hear what they think!!

I did tell you that I would document our unique way of eating lefse. Tried to do that today. Here you see the triangle shaped piece on my plate with a little bit of everything from my Thanksgiving meal on top. (The key to it being really yummy are the cranberries...)

Next it is folded so that melted butter can be poured into the pocket. (I never said this was non-fattening, did I??)

Here you see my son demonstrating this lost art of lefse eating from across the table.

And, finally, my first bite of the season. Mmmmmm... Yup. Just as good as I remembered!! (I went on to consume three of these food filled lefse pockets.. which about does me in!!). Pie will have to wait!

On to the knitting front. I was able to felt my son't clogs. Here you see them on his feet pre-felted.

And here they are next to my clogs. I am liking the black and gray combo. I am thinking of doing the same colors on my hubby's clogs.. only maybe adding a stripe of some sort.

It is amazing how much they shrink!! Once they dry I know Aaron will love wearing them.

Been working on a purse. Switched patterns right before I cast on because my daugher was thinking she may like the colors in a bag like my lazy daisy one. So here it is pre-felted. (I used the S-cord handle from the KnotSewHobo bag>)

Here it is felted. Will add a stone button to the front. Maybe a lazy daisy or two in brown. Now to decide what to cast on next.....

I leave you with this parting shot of my family singing Christmas songs around the piano. Kirstin is feeling well enough to play for them. It sounded wonderful to me... (not that we are making a CD or anything). It is just wonderful to all be together. I am so thankful for the family that God has blessed me with!!

Until next time......


Shelley said...

I am so glad your daughter is feeling better!!

It sure sounds like you all enjoyed your day and the meal, etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Heidi said...

What a treat to see these latest pictures and read all your musings over yummy food and family. Love the purse too, but that's no surprise. Thanks for a very pleasurable read!

It's great to see your daughter is well on the road to recovery. :-)

Bonnie D. said...

Fun to read this post!

What colors did you use in that purse? It looks a lot like the Cascade & Noro I combined for the English Carpet Bag in the Tote Exchange.

Janice said...

Bonnie.. I used Paton's Natural Mix Classic wool and a Noro Kureyon, that I can't find the number of... oops.

Mallory said...

I like the pics a lot...I think I have read your blog as much as Ryan...don't let him fool you! The Lefse was a hit, loved it! Hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving. -Mallory

Ryan said...

you have a wonderful blog. i love you, please love me. i read it now.

Ryan said...

Even more than Mallory

Janice said...

Ryan and Mallory,
Thank you for reading my blog. Now I will cast on your clogs Ryan!! Mom

ps. Loving you has NEVER been contingent on reading my blog... only making your clogs!!!

Jknits said...

It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your kids. I love the bag. I'm hoping to make totes for my teens, but I can't get them to settle on a pattern.

The clogs look great too.

Deborah said...

I just love those pictures with yor family, and that bread thingy, I've got to have some!

Glad to hear your daughter is feeling well again.

Rohanknitter said...

So glad your daughter was feeling better by Thanksgiving!
I love the picture of you all singing around the piano...I've always wanted to do something like that-but no piano! I guess we should just sing a-capella.