Friday, May 18, 2007

Ready to cast on....

I have been adding to my stash in anticipation of some heavy duty knitting time that should be coming my way after this weekend! I can't wait!! This box just came in the mail this week from Little Knits. (They were having a sale.... what can I say??) The book is Ella Rae Bags.. which has 14 bags to knit and felt. Very different styles than what I have done before... I can't wait!! (because as much as I want to branch out in my knitting, I am a bag lady at heart!!)

I also got some Peppermint Mocha Claudia Handpainted from the Loopy Ewe. More socks. I really do need to be a sock lady at heart as well. At this point, I am just a sock lady in my mind.. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can).. but hopefully it will transfer to the heart!!

So, what happens this weekend? Well, we are having a graduation Open House for Kirstin. I don't know if Open Houses are big where you live, but around here everyone has them. And it is no little shindig! We will probably have 200-250 people come. So I have been a little busy. I am blessed to have wonderful friends who have come and are still coming to help. In fact, I have several friends from Minnesota and Missouri coming today! I can't wait to have them here! And, my mom and dad are coming from Minnesota as well! Yippee!

I have the house pretty much ready. Have some cooking to do today as well as decorating tables etc.. We are doing a morning open house with breakfast foods. Yum! The main food will be our family egg dish. We'll also have Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagels; frozen fruit cups; yogurt parfaits; juice and coffee; and, of course, imported cake from Minnesota.

Here are just half of the eggs that need to be cracked and scrambled today! What you see is only half of them! (I have over 30 dozen!!)

I have also set up a sort of 'Kirstin Shrine' to display photos; display boards; etc.. My favorite mini-display is this shelf of photos from her modeling days in Japan. (all 3 kids did some modeling when we lived there in the early '90's)
The wedding magazine job was one of the funnest jobs. I can still remember walking back to the train station when we were finished and after every 4-5 steps, Kirstin would stop and ask if the pretty flowers were still in her hair!! (It was quite a ways to the train station.. so it took forever!!) What a dream job for a little girl!!

Well, I better get cracking!! I will leave you with a picture of Sumo guarding my Peppermint Mocha yarn. (I don't know who exactly he is guarding it from... but it is quite sweet of him!).

Until Next Time....


Anonymous said...

The pepperment mocha yarn looks really yummy!! That will turn you into a girl girl I'm sure.
Have fun at the open house, I love breakfast parties.

hakucho said...

You have some nice projects to start...yay :)

Good luck with your open house...that's one massive party!

Happy Graduation wishes !

rohanknitter said...

Yea, heavy duty knitting time!!!!
Have fun at the open house! Whew.
Those are really big around here too and I'm scared. (Three more years to go, though) I like the breakfast foods idea. Tell us more about Japan - that sounds really intriging!

Robin said...

Tell Kirstin Congratulations on her graduation. I have a niece graduating on Sunday down in Kansas. Have some knitting fun after this weekend is over. I can't wait to see the bags and socks that you will be knitting up.

marit said...

Best of luck on Kirstins graduationparty!

Shelley said... are going to be extremely busy! Congrats to Kirstin on graduating!

I think Sumo is really waiting for you to turn your back and sample your peppermint see if it tastes like the real thing ;o) lol!

Bonnie D. said...

Have a great time today! Love the modeling pictures of Kirstin.

Congrats to her!

monica said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend Congrats to Kristin. That yarn looks lovely, I am sure you have it in you to become a sock lady as well as a bag lady :)

Jknits said...

Wow to the open house - that's like a wedding! It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure you are a great hostess.

Congratulations to Kristin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Janice
This is Amelia. I had a blast at your Grad party for Kirsten. I din't make it inside, though. :-( Maybe sometime I can see all your photos of her?
I love you.
PS. I saw the Llama article. *giggles*
Amelia :-)