Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sock Clubs and Such....

My first official Loopy Ewe Sock Club package arrived yesterday! I can't wait to cast them on...and hope to do so right after Kirstin's Open House next weekend. Such a fun package Sheri put together with a fun pattern and the yarn that matches the socks in the pattern!! Chocolate (of course) and a lemon scented sheep and some lemonaide. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this club!!

Getting this fun package in the mail was in addition to the 'Mother's Week' that my hubby has declared. (in lieu of just a 'Mother's Day') Each day he is doing something special for me. Am I a lucky woman, or what??? These flowers arrived one day; lunch out another; a gift bag with a new excercise outfit was on the table one morning and today I opened a beautiful new glass serving tray. (All of my glass serving trays have Christmas Trees on them.... I still use them all year, but it will be nice to have one without a Christmas tree!!)

I wonder what tomorrow will bring????

MYSTERY: How is it that my family cannot seem to get their dishes INTO the dishwasher?? More often than not, I come downstairs to this familiar picture:

That's right. The dirty cereal bowl sitting RIGHT ON TOP of the dishwasher! What is so difficult about opening the door and placing the bowl INSIDE??

Sample Answers:

"I thought the dishwasher was clean"

"Well, if I put it here it 'magically' disappears"

"Love you, mom"

Hmmm... Guess I should stop working my magic!!

And, as a matter of fact, I came down the very next day and caught Kirstin in the act of putting her bowl IN the dishwasher. Yippee!! I was finally getting through!!

But, alas, this very morning there was her bowl once again on the counter. I know, I know, next year I am really going to miss that bowl on the counter after she goes to college. In fact, I'll probably shed a tear or two missing that bowl so much. So, I worked my 'magic' again today and put the bowl away.

Here is a quick and easy pasta salad recipe. It is by far my favorite. The picture isn't that great.. but it is very tasty!

Pasta Salad with Orange Peppers

16 oz spiral noodles
2 orange peppers
1 cucumber, peeled, sliced and seeds removed
A bunch of fresh spinach, well washed
1 tomato, ( or 10 cherry/grape tomatoes)
8 oz. Feta cheese
8 oz. Italian dressing (I like Wishbone Zesty Fat Free)

1. Boil noodles according to package directions.
2. Add cut up pepper and cucumber.
3. Tear spinach and add to noodles.
4. Crumble feta cheese into noodles.
5. Mix refrigerated dressing into noodles shortly before serving.
6. Top with tomatoes.

Well, it is a beautiful day here today. Lots of sunshine and warmth. A perfect day to get a lot accomplished.

Until Next Time....


rohanknitter said...

Lucky! I discovered the Loopy Ewe after the sock club was already full but I'm hoping to get in on the fun next year.

We have the same problem with dishes not making into the dishwasher around here. I always tell the boys that they must think the bogeyman lives in there or something, cause they never open it up!

Mother's Day week sounds good to me!! I always buy my own Mother's Day gift as farmer husband is working practically around the clock. It just works better to get it myself!

Aaron said...

Well, hey, i don't eat breakfast, so that's not my dish above the dishwasher.

Samantha said...

Our dishwasher is in the island in our kitchen ... there is an eating area complete with stools at the island, yes, the same island where the diswasher resides ... and my husband will eat something get up, walk over to the sink and put his dirty dishes in the sink. I think he belives there are "Dishes Fairies" in the house or something.

Shelley said... know, you could always keep a dirty bowl and spoon on the counter as a memento when she's gone off to

Bonnie D. said...

I sometimes think we DO have the same family. LOL.

What a sweet husband! Mother's week is a perfect idea. The flowers are lovely and I look forward to seeing the other goodies, too!

Carrie said...

I've already prepped the husband that I'm joining a sock club next year. It sounds like fun! And good for you to get a Mother's Day week - your husband sounds sweet. =) It's so nice that he appreciates you!

hakucho said...

Your sock club package looks very interesting!

Lucky you having a week of being treated special. It must be nice to know you are appreciated :)

My family is dishwasher challenged are not alone ;)

happy knitting :)

Jknits said...

My children all profess to put their dishes in the dishwasher and are adamant that they have - even when caught in the act of not doing it!

Have fun with the socks.

TeAntae said...

Happy Mommy's Day!!!

Hope that you get something really good for yourself. Definitely cook something decadent for yourself today. =)

Love and Hugs!

AR said...

Hope your Mother's Day was great. I think Mother's Week sounds like a great idea!

AR said...

Hello, it's me again! I tagged you with a meme. Stop over at my blog and see if you'd like to play along. :)