Monday, November 12, 2007


Today is my mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom!! Thanks for being such a great mom! Thanks also for being my #1 Blog fan! Wish I was there to help you celebrate! Have fun shopping tomorrow! (Buy her something nice, Dad!)

See you in a few weeks!

Your Favorite Daughter

(Ok, ok, your only daughter)


Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Happy Birthday Janice's Mom! :-)

baby face said...

Happy Birthday to your mom.
My mom just passed on August
23rd. She was 98 years old
and would have been 99 in
September. She was very ill
when she left the world, but
I miss her a lot. I'm glad
you still have your mom and I
was lucky to have mine for
such a long time. Your mother is
beautiful and mine was too.

Leigh said...

Happy birthday grandma!

rohanknitter said...

Happy Bday to your mom!

Kristin said...

Best wishes to your mom! Hope she has a soecial day.

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, Janice's Mom! I love your daughter's blog. You raised her well! :-)

monica said...

Happy B-day Janice's Mom!!!!!

Deborah said...

question for mom: what would you actually USE should a darling daughter gift you with it??

Happy Birthday!

SwissKnits! said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Janice's mom!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

AR said...

Another November Girl! I have a couple of November Girl friends. Hope it was a Happy Day!!