Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hurray for UPS!

I have had a visit from the UPS truck two days in a row! And both times were very exciting packages!! Yesterday I got my Knitters Coffee Swap package from Michele! It was full of coffee goodness! There were two kinds of coffee beans and a grinder to go with it!! A fun book on how to create coffee drinks; Pumpkin Biscotti; Trader Joe chocolate covered espresso beans; a hand knit ball band dishcloth; lots of 'Coffee To Go' candies (more than what are actually pictured, but some disappeared...); a snowman ornament and some very yummy DK weight sock yarn from DIGI-TECH. I anticipate some highly caffienated knitting in the near future!

Today the UPS truck brought my SPINNING WHEEL!!! It has a little assembly that needs to be done when Steve gets home and it will be ready to go. It came with 2 large bundles of white wool to practice with, which will also be fun to dye after it's been spun. I'm really thinking that I could use a visit from the spinning guru's Alice; Wendy; L-B; Julie and Sheri right about now!
I'm not sure when I'll actually be able to sit and really play with it as I am leaving Thursday for Minnesota for a long weekend away.

I did have a chance to finish up the Vintage Bubble Bag I'm working on. Just need to do the straps and felt it. I'm planning on casting on a Sophie Bag next for a special order I need to get done before Christmas.

I've been busy wrapping Christmas gifts for our family Christmas in two weeks. EVERYONE is going to be able to make it, which will be lots of fun. (There will be 33 of us!) We don't exchange gifts, but we do bring stocking stuffers for everyone. I just about have mine done and wrapped. In lieu of exchanging larger gifts, we all donate money and give it to a family who is experiencing some hardship during the Holiday Season.

This past week, K was taking pictures of R & M for their wedding announcement in the local paper. Thought you would enjoy this series of pictures of the two of them and their surprise visit from a llama!

Well worth the laugh!

Well, today I was suppose to be at a tax seminar all afternoon, but my friend who I work for called and told me I didn't need to go. So I've been given the gift of time this afternoon. I think I'll curl up with some knitting and enjoy!!

Until Next Time...


Leigh said...

Haha! Horray for Milagro! Did those pictures turn out? Could you send me some?

Love you marmie!

Kristin said...

oooh your wheel is lovely! can't wait to see what you spin out.

Giving money to a family in need is a great option. I think I will suggest it to Ken's family for next year.

Have a good weekend and I'm a little jealous about your luxurious free time.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

The Wheel arrived and you didn't call me immediately????

(It's beautiful!) :-) :-)

Jknits said...

The pics are great! What wonderful packages you recieved - a great way to kick off the holiday season. I'm impressed that you got all that wrapping done already.

Caroline said...

I am jealous, jealous, jealous of your coffee swap gift. How fun! The spinning wheel also looks like so much fun even though I haven't even learned to use my drop spindel yet.

Have fun in Minnesota. My grandma was from Albert Lea, and she used to tell me stories about growing up by the lake there.

rohanknitter said...

What great mail! The wheel is beautiful, I'm sure you will have hours of spinning fun with it! : )
The llama interrupting the photo shoot is hilarious!!

Alice said...

Those are the cutest pictures!

Oh, and the Matchless is cute too! I which I could be there to help you with it.

Mitchypoo said...

oops tried to leave a message but it got lost?...

Glad you liked your package! It was fun to put together for you and I loved mine as well!

Love that wheel, what fun you'll have! I'm a spinner too. I have an Ashford Elizabeth.

Love the llama pics, very cute!


hakucho said...

Wow, your spinning wheel is beautiful! Lucky you :)

Love those pictures with the visiting llama...very cute and excellent photography!

L-B said...

You did it! You bought a wheel! It's beautiful!
So, the next knitters we invite to Graves Mt. are going to know they are helpless to resist the lure of spinning? Mwahahahahaha!!!!

danielle said...

that llama series is hilarious!!! it's such a perfect set of photos... they should frame them and hang them somewhere, they're so natural and great.

the wheel looks beautiful, you must be so excited!