Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Again!

Well, another Monday. Looking back over the weekend, I would say it was a very fun, productive time. I was able to get 2 Swedish Tea Rings made and put in the freezer for our family Christmas. I have two more almost ready to roll out this morning. That gives me a spare, as I only need to bring 3.

I did some knitting as well. I finished the first of the Cabled Fingerless Mitt from my last post. I really like this pattern, for the most part. A few things I will change on the next pair I make. I LOVE how they work the thumb gusset on this pattern and will modify the fetching pattern to use it next time around. I didn't like the ending rib pattern, because I ended up with 4 knit stitches together, which broke up the 2X2 rib pattern. Next time I will either increase or decrease by 2 stitches to have the pattern work out correctly. But I definitely see doing more of these!!

I also made good progress on the bag. I continue to be amazed how fast knitting goes on size 15 needles compared to using the 0's -2's that I use with the socks. A rather nice break!
I will be adding a gray top and I-cord handles and possibly a red tab to close the bag with. Should be ready to felt later this week.

'A' came home from college with a new game to teach us. (We LOVE to play games!) It is called Hand and Foot and uses 6 decks of cards! Here you see the kids shuffling the cards getting ready to play.

One of the highlights of the weekend was watching Steve paint K's nails for her! She really can get him to do anything for her! (And I have to admit that he is MUCH better at it then I am!!)

Well, time to roll out the Tea Rings and start wrapping the Stocking Stuffers I am bringing to our family Christmas as well.

Until Next Time....


baby face said...

Your tea rings look delicious. I am
amazed at how much you get done and
get your knitting done too. Everything you do turns out lovely.
Do you sleep? Do you knit continental style? I know that is
faster than my old regular knitting from a long time ago. Isn't it amazing what guys use to
do for us?

SwissKnits! said...

Oooooooo I am so making these for Christmas morning!!! This will be perfect for my family!!!!

So, do you let them thaw Christmas Eve? Then reheat? Or do you freeze them raw?

Now all I need to do is see what breakfast dish you have in your recipes. I like to have everyone eat a proper breakfast on Christmas morning... and they hated the dish I made last year for breakfast... and if they don't eat the kids are grouchy!!

Yum-O Janice!!!!

danielle said...

yay, you really ARE as nuts about christmas as i am!!!

the tea rings are amazing... and i agree with swissknits-- i need more details about how you freeze them/reheat them since i think i might try making them but i can't count on feeling up to it on christmas eve.

Anonymous said...

You are making me sooooo hungry!

I am going to try to make these....what type of pan are you using....??

Blogless Diane

Janice said...

Tea Ring Nitty Gritty:
After I bake the Tea Ring, I turn it over on a foil lined 14" circle cardboard cake thingy. I set on a cookie rack, frost and let cool completely. To thaw, take out the night before and it should be good in the morning. You can zap pieces individually for a few seconds in the microwave to make them even more yummy.
The pan I use is a pie drip pan I've had forever. (Not sure if you can still find them). But I only have one, so I make the second on a parchment lined airbake cookie sheet.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

You can just send that spare Tea Ring right on down here. YUM!

Love the cabled mitts - must make those.... :-)

Steve painting Kirstin's nails? Priceless.

marit said...

Tea ring looks delicious!!! I'll have to give it a try.
The fingerless mitts are great.
And Sumo is just too cute!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your tea rings are a must-make for me! Thanks for sharing! We love cinnamon rolls in any shape.

My latest obsession has been this version of apple dumplings: it's delicious!

Robin said...

That is so cool that he painted her nails. He sounds like a wonderful guy. It is nice to get together with family and I am sure you are enjoying having Aaron home. How are the wedding plans coming?????

monica said...

You can send the extra one my way it looks so yummy.

I think it is so neat your son will paint his sister's nails. My son would not do that unless he was paid to.

monica said...

Sorry I missed the part with the name of the person painting the nails. read about your son above and then just kept on thinking son as I read on. I think it is great that Steve will paint her nails too.

Shelley said...

You are tempting us with those tea They looks so yummy!

The hand warmer looks great, and the bag is looking wonderful. I like those colours together and can't wait to see the finished product!

Deborah said...

wow, thanks for the mitts KAL. Even though mom can't use any more fingerless ones, I still like them for myself!

rohanknitter said...

Yum to those tea rings! They look delicious. It's so nice to have something like that done ahead of time, too. I had to giggle at the hand and foot picture - that is my mil's fav game and she and her friends play it ALL the time! They love it!
That is the sweetest picture ever of your husband and daughter. I always said that if we'd ever had a girl, my dh would be putty in her hands. PUTTY!

TeAntae said...

Yum yum yum!!! You always cook up such delicious looking things. =)

And as for Steve and DD's nails, I need to see if I can convince my hubby that he should do that for me too. "Seriously hun, they would look so much prettier if you did them for me." Waggle eyelashes and smile prettily. *giggle*

Caroline said...

I agree with everyone else. The Swedish tea ring looks wonderful. I've been thinking that my daughter and I should try to make Danish Kringle from scratch this year. I hadn't thought about freezing it. Now I think I'll try it.

Jknits said...

I'm totally impressed that you were able to find six decks of cards! We're lucky if we can cobble together one using mismatched cards.

Kristin said...

Yummy tea ring! My dad and I could eat that in one sitting, Ken and my sisters might help.

Love, love the cabled fingerless gloves.

Karen said...

Those tea rings look yummy! The mitt looks great, and your new bag is coming right along.

Alice said...

I am printing that Tea Ring recipe right now!

My brothers used to be nice to me long as I would play 1st base.

Happy Thanksgiving!

hakucho said...

Tea Rings...delicious!! I can taste them they look so good :)

Your fingerless mitts turned out great. Love the cabled pattern :)